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November 22, 2023
3daysofdesign Hub at Refshaleøen - Materials of Tomorrow

Once an industrial area, Refshaleøen has been transformed into a dynamic space for creative minds and design enthusiasts. The island’s industrial past is reflected in its architecture, with towering warehouses and rusted steel structures offering a glimpse into its history.During 3daysofdesign Refshaleøen will be a bustling area spotlighting sustainable materials of tomorrow.

Come by our 3daysofdesign HUB at Copenhagen Contemporary, co-hosted by Creative Denmark, to get information about the designfestival and explore the exhibition, talks, and events in the area.One of many highlights of this new district will take place on June 8, whereSPACE10 and 3daysofdesign in collaboration with Material Matters and Office Kim Lenschow present “Materials of Tomorrow”, a half-day symposium aimed at radically rethinking material systems to design more sustainable and healthy homes of tomorrow.

‘3daysofdesign is a platform for people to meet, network and be inspired. This year, to mark the 10th edition of 3daysofdesign, we areexcited to include a dedicated symposium that shares the innovationwithin materials and the pioneers that are pushing for solutions thatare better for both people and the planet. It marks a new chapter for the festival, where we not only celebrate design, but also challenge ourselves to rethink how design can truly make a difference in how we livemore sustainably.’

Signe Byrdal Terenziani, CEO of 3daysofdesign.

We want to share how new emerging biomaterials and up cycled materials reclaimed from waste represent viable alternatives to our current supply, and can drive a new era of design and architecture. The ’Materials of Tomorrow’ symposium will explore a future in which our building blocks of design are renewable, biodegradable, upcycled, non-toxic,have a lower carbon footprint and can enable more sustainable and healthy everyday lives for people.

Kathryn Bishop, Editorial & Research, SPACE10

CEO Signe Byrdal Terenziani adds: ‘We need to work together to move forward and create a world that our great-grandchildren can enjoy 100 years from now’.This is also why 3daysofdesign has decided to co-create a 30m long table, named‘The Junction’ in collaboration with the Copenhagen studio Spacon & X, supplied by Petersen Tegl, Barlby Carlsson and +Halle. ‘The idea behind the circular long table is to rethink the classic bench and table set up, and challenge the way that we meet and interact with one another in a public space’, says Nikoline Dyrup, Partner and Founder of Spacon & X. ‘By gathering materials and connecting contributors, we aim to create a breeding ground for collaborations and creative fusions’.

The 30-metre-long table will be placed outside 3daysofdesign Hub and breatheslife into an otherwise unutilized area, and invites locals and visitors to share, connect and gain insight into a unique and inspiring community, says Nikoline Dyrup,Partner and Founder of Spacon & X.

The theme “Where Would We Be Without You” also refers to 3daysofdesign,which only exists if everyone helps each other to lift. It’s a sum of many efforts puttogether. You don’t get anywhere by driving solo, but on the other hand, you canachieve the most incredible things when you are willing to collaborate.

Aside from being one of the hubs during 3daysofdesign, visitors are encouragedto take advantage of the liveliness of the neighborhood at Refshaleøen and to visitthe surrounding exhibitions such as: A Circular Design Studio, atelier axo, DanishDesign Makers, House of Nordic Design, Kolonien, Linolie & Pigment,,our society, Royal Danish Academy, Studio Fumo, and Ukurant.

3daysofdesign would like to thank Refshaleøen for their support and guidance.

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