3daysofdesign is a festival where design lovers meet to see, network and experience design in the beautiful, vibrant city of Copenhagen.

The festival takes place in the showrooms, shops, streets, workshops and backyards of Copenhagen, as the host for a growing community of design lovers celebrating creativity.

3daysofdesign is an exclusive event that’s inclusive. Everyone is invited to visit the showrooms, galleries, exhibitions and design talks.

Meet the minds behind the designs. See previews of new products before they’re launched. Hear about new trends forecasted for the future. And more.

Enjoy a curated selection of noteworthy Danish and international brands within the realm of lifestyle, design, furniture, lighting and interior design.

While the festival is a must-see design destination for the press, editors, bloggers, buyers, architects and designers, it is open to the general public and to design enthusiasts from around the world.

We look forward
to welcoming you
Copenhagen 7 — 9 June 2023
design posters

Each year, we collaborate with a different artist to create our graphic identity. Since we hosted the first 3daysofdesign, we’ve been fortunate enough to partner with a variety of talents from around the world, who each bring a unique look and feel to our visual communication. Enjoy highlights from the past in this archive of our previous design posters.