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Part of what makes our festival special is that we are inclusive yet exclusive. Anyone with a passion for design is welcome to attend, and yet we are very selective about the exhibitors who can join us - in order to keep our quality high. There are numerous factors that we look for. To streamline our application process, we have outlined five criteria that are mandatory in order to participate as an exhibitor in 3daysofdesign.

Please take a moment to read through the five criteria before continuing.

Our ambition with 3daysofdesign is to create a dynamic and inspiring festival, where each exhibitor contributes a unique voice and perspective. This encourages experimental thinking and innovative initiatives within the design world, resulting in a wide range of original design expressions. While our intention is to preserve the presence of classic furniture design and design heritage, we are equally keen on fostering collaborations between established manufacturers and promising designers to promote trailblazing ideas and personal interpretations.

It is expected that exhibitors incorporate sustainability into their production. For us, sustainability involves taking steps towards being environmentally responsible and seeking innovative, green alternatives, including creative solutions that contribute to a more sustainable future. It also extends to an awareness of social issues, such as putting a priority on good working conditions and the well-being of local communities.

To create a unique festival experience, exhibitors are expected to actively participate in 3daysofdesign and make an extra effort during the festival. Active participation could involve curated installations, hosting talks with designers, etc. The goal is to offer our guests new experiences and inspiring stories to share after the 3 days of our festival.

Companies who wish to participate must have a connection to the interior design sector.

The festival requires exhibitors to understand that the participation fee is based entirely on each company’s gross profit.

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