Ann Lind Andersen

Five festival recommendations from Danish film critic, moderator and journalist Ann Lind Andersen.

Ann Lind Andersen

Five festival recommendations from Danish film critic, moderator and journalist Ann Lind Andersen.

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Ann Lind Andersen

Five festival recommendations from Danish film critic, moderator and journalist Ann Lind Andersen.

Kunstforeningen Gl. Strand
Gammel Strand 48, 1202 Copenhagen

Sustainability is a word we hear again and again to a degree that make us a bit numb, I think. It is important nevertheless that we all help raising awareness, from industries and crafts to consumers. But how can design, climate and culture be united in order to increase global engagement? That is the question ‘Cultivate’ at ‘Kunstforeningen Gl. Strand’ is focused on during 3daysofdesign when it opens the doors for a range of different exhibitions that present special editions of sustainable design, talks, films, and panel discussions. The main topic of the event is on embracing change and finding better ways to design, run businesses, and live our lives to have a positive impact on the planet. So, visit ‘Cultivate’ to be inspired to do more. I know, I will.  

Open from June 7th from 10-18 and 8th from 10-16. Free drinks by Emperical x Cultivate and happy music the 7th from 17-18. In collaboration with Industriens Fond.

Pakhus 48, Klubiensvej 22, 2150 Copenhagen

I remember the days where Kvadrat just used to be ‘an old carpet company’. But those days are long gone, for Kvadrat has over the years proved that it is much more. Today it’s a firm that collaborates with a long line of designers to come up with not only new patterns, but also innovative designs and new technological materials like the ‘Kvadrat Acoustics’.

During 3daysofdesign Kvadrat will present ‘Multiply’, the new Kvadrat Residential curtain collection, designed by Isa Glink (Creative Director at Kvadrat Residential) and featuring Sketches, a series of curtains developed in collaboration with the acclaimed designer Inga Sempé. Definitely interesting to check out.

Odd Fellow Palæet, Bredgade 28, 1260 København

The Odd Fellow Palace is a beautiful mid-1700’s building in the heart of Copenhagen that will be home of more than 36 high-end designer brands on all three floors. Designs in furniture, lightning, interiors and much more that I personally always find inspiring (and make me want to buy!) As the curation is based on craftsmanship and design experience, you are sure that ‘quality’ is the buzz word.

‘Framing’ is also the meeting point for new creative collaborations between brands and artists within different industries and with an ‘outdoor garden’ this place is a cool hang out spot while looking at the newest design products.

Copenhagen Contemporary, Hal 6, Refshalevej 173 A

During 3daysofdesign Refshaleøen will be a bustling area spotlighting sustainable materials of tomorrow. One of many highlights will take place on June 8, when SPACE10 and 3daysofdesign in collaboration with Material Matters and Office Kim Lenschow will present “Materials of Tomorrow”, a half-day symposium aimed at radically rethinking material systems to design more sustainable and healthy homes of tomorrow. A symposium, I’m sure, will leave you more informed and more aware. After, you can always take a walk along the waterfront or get something to eat at the near by street food market.

Carlsberg Byen
Mineralvandsfabrikken, Pasteursvej 20, 1778 Carlsberg

The change from old to a new cityscape isn’t more remarkable than in Carlsberg Byen where old factories are changing into new apartment buildings, hotels, spa, restaurants and shops. During 3daysofdesign the exhibition ‘The Living City’ and various talks - curated by the design studio BRIQ in collaboration with 3daysofdesign and the City of Carlsberg - will present how innovative urban design architects, architects and designers have created a city space that supports our communities. And questions like "How do we design cities that strengthens a sense of belonging?’ and ‘How do we meet and feel seen in our community?" will be discussed. Important questions, I found, no matter which part of the city you live in.

The central place for 3daysofdesign in Carlsberg Byen will be the former soda factory, ‘Mineralvandsfabrikken’, that has been rebuilt by renowned architect Dorte Mandrup. That alone is worth a trip.

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