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Bo Bedre’s Design Awards 2022

Congratulations to our exhibitors for being awarded for their fantastic designs in 2022, including: Georg Jensen, Fritz Hansen, Magnus Olesen, Wehlers, OneCollection, Lise Vester, Alexander Kirkeby, Kvadrat, Montana, Kasper Kyster, Alexander Hinnerskov and Lærke Ryom.

Images courtesy of Bo Bedre.
Design News

Bo Bedre’s Design Awards 2022

Congratulations to our exhibitors for being awarded for their fantastic designs in 2022, including: Georg Jensen, Fritz Hansen, Magnus Olesen, Wehlers, OneCollection, Lise Vester, Alexander Kirkeby, Kvadrat, Montana, Kasper Kyster, Alexander Hinnerskov and Lærke Ryom.

Design of the Year:

The Nendo series by Oki Sato for Georg Jensen

The judges say: It is a strong series of candlesticks and vases, which speaks to the trend of arranging home accessories as still lifes. The series is in a simple, Japanese style, where a single flower or branch is staged. It is a technical series where the centre of gravity is challenged and where the contrasts meet in beautiful harmony. It is an innovative design with the potential to become a new classic.

Ragnar Hjartarson, Creative Director at Georg Jensen

Lamp of the Year:

Oneline Pendant by Kasper Kjeldgaard for Fritz Hansen

The judges say: It is playful, artistic, functional and it is at a high technical level. The style is timeless and at the same time hits just right for right now. It can be included in both private and public space and thus has great potential. It is a lamp that fills the space in a poetic way with its three slender lines in a simple unit. The lamp’s experimentation with weight, friction and rotation is highly successful.

Kasper Kjeldgaard & Josef Kaiser CEO at Fritz Hansen

Comeback of the Year:

X-Line Chair by Niels Jørgen Haugesen for Magnus Olesen

The judges say: It's bold, sculptural, graphic and cool. With its high-tech style and use of thin metal wires, the chair is an interesting counterpoint to Danish homes dominated by wood and brick. It is brave to come up with such a piece of furniture now, and this must be rewarded. In addition, the design has been updated for use both outside and inside—a quality that aligns with today’s flexible lifestyle.

Nils Hundevad Knudsen, CEO and owner of Magnus Olesen

Sustainable Idea of the Year:

RUM chair by CF Møller Design for Wehlers

The judges say: The chair is visionary in its reuse of different materials. From fishing nets collected and sorted in and around Denmark to E-waste from old computers and car equipment, all up-cycled into a robust mass. The furniture shows the way for sustainable design of the future. It’s an innovative experiment, and it’s impressive how the designers have worked through the various materials, certifications, etc.

Henrik Holm

Furniture of the Year

The Åkande series by Jonas Lyndby for OneCollection

The judges say: The designer aimed to create a series that can match one of Danish design's most prestigious men - Finn Juhl. The series is characterized by the upper surface which recalls a water lily leaf, and by a wood texture that seems like textile. With its delicate design language, the furniture almost becomes an extension of Finn Juhl's work, yet it has its own expression.

Henrik Sørensen & Jonas Lyndby

Designer of the Year

Lise Vester

The judges say: Lise is a true comet. She is young, but when you look at her works, it seems she has been doing this for many years. With great empathy, she addresses health and mental well-being through her designs which encourage us to stop, take a break and look out at the world. Lise’s work epitomizes innovation and hope, and we think she will help shape tomorrow's design scene.

Lise Vester

Creative of the Year

Alexander Kirkeby

The judges say: Alexander’s objects have an alluring effect that awakens the senses, challenge and excite. Rooted in the conservative craft that is glass art, tradition is distorted and disrupted so that something completely new and unique emerges. There is a lot of glass art out there, but none like Alexander’s. Each piece is filled with so much soul—a design quality we need now more than ever.

Alexander Kirkeby

Innovation of the Year

Thomas Demand's pavilion at Kvadrat

 The judges say: This work is grandiose. It is world-class art located in the middle of Jutland's Ebeltoft park landscape. A contemplative place that is spiritually elevated. And then it is a way of creating something in a local community that is hugely valuable. Through this initiative it is firmly established that Kvadrat is not content with being the world's leading textile company—they are also inextricably linked with art.

Pia Malling Cappuccini, Head of Communication & PR at Kvadrat

Passionate Profile of the Year

Joakim Lassen from Montana

The judges say: Joakim is not afraid to think big. He transformed Montana’s factory on Funen into a colourful art installation that makes all passers-by smile. In addition, Joakim is passionate about sustainability and has gone to great effort to make the company green down to the smallest detail. Added to this is the launch of both the Aveny-T chair and the Maree chair—both great examples of sustainable furniture.

Joakim Lassen

Talents of the Year

We would also like to celebrate the following emerging designers who were each awarded for their exceptional talents: Kasper Kyster, Alexander Hinnerskov and Lærke Ryom.

Kasper Kyster, Alexander Hinnerskov and Lærke Ryom.

Congratulations, Everyone!

Sustainable Design Effort
At 3daysofdesign, our commitment extends beyond showcasing the latest trends in interior design and furniture. We strive to facilitate meaningful discussions, debate, and actively contribute to pushing forward a more sustainable approach within the realm of interior design and furniture business. Join us in our mission to inspire positive change and promote a greener, more responsible future for the industry.

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Montana Furniture
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House of Finn Juhl
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House of Finn Juhl
Magnus Olesen
Frederiksgade 7, Ground Floor, 1265 Copenhagen
Magnus Olesen

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