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bredgade 28, 1260 copenhagen, denmark
Odd Fellow Palace
Bredgade 28
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VIA COPENHAGEN is a Danish furniture brand prioritizing quality and craftmanship, using high-quality materials and traditional manufacturing techniques to create products that are both beautiful and durable. The Philosophy is based on a simple idiom using honest materials, where combinations of materials and colors make the pieces stand out - A classic design with a colorful twist. VIA COPENHAGEN embodies the principles of Scandinavian design, including simplicity, functionality and sustainability, and aim to create high-quality, timeless products that reflect these values.

Other Exhibitions
Fragtrup Collections is a variation of limited edition furnitures designed and developed by Fragtrup Architects founded by Lasse Fragtrup. The furnitures and objects are designed with philosophy of creating unique pieces with an aesthetic, an artistic perspective. Through the design philosophy of Fragtrup Architects, who constantly work with minimalistic and unique solutions, a gathered design collection will be presented in Fragtrup Collections
Fragtrup Collections
For more than a decade, the national business cluster, Lifestyle & Design Cluster has been a bridge-builder between fashion-, furniture- and design companies and knowledge institutions working with the Circular Economy. Lifestyle & Design Cluster promotes innovation and sustainable growth primarily in the small and medium-sized fashion & textile and furniture & interior companies. They have a broad dialogue-based interface with the business community and, through their many different projects and activities, generate new knowledge, which is communicated via events like Circular Furniture Days and on various platforms. The main focus is: TEXTILES & FASHION, INTERIOR & FURNITURE, THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY, ENTREPRENEURSHIP & TALENTS.
Lifestyle & Design Cluster
Reform is reimagining what kitchens can be. Coming from a Scandinavian design tradition, it embraces the idea that form and function go hand-in-hand. Reform works with leading designers from around the world to create kitchens that elevate the everyday life. Modular collections suit a variety of needs and lifestyles thanks to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.
Stilling is a renowned producer of premium drapery hardware, who creates stunning handcrafted curtain tracks for projects and exhibitions all over the world, using the endless choices of colours and shapes to facilitate creative architectural spaces. The legacy of the Stilling started in 1949, when the founder, Preben Stilling, crafted his first window blind. A blind he made in the family basement and sold in his spare time, and which turned out to become the start of many decades of craftmanship traditions on Danish soil. Stilling are pioneers within using recycled materials for drapery hardware and produce many of their most beloved curtain tracks from min. 75% recycled post-consumer materials.


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