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galionsvej 33, copenhagen, denmark
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Dornbracht & Alape is a leading specialist for superior designer fittings and accessories for bathrooms, spa’s, and kitchens. They only use the best in materials and technology, and the products are designed for the next generations. As a commitment to standards of quality, the production remains in Europe, primarily in the original location in Germany. Dornbracht & Alape strive every day to meet the highest expectations. They believe that small details make a difference. The products are the result of a combination of the best materials, technical expertise, advanced production technology and exclusive craftsmanship. It must be emphasized that all materials used perform to the highest requirements regarding environmental certification.

During 3daysofdesign – You will get to experience the launch of Dornbracht Nordics new Kitchen series as well as their new finishes Dark Chrome & Champaign. Come and see their new “build your own area” where you can Play and be creative, as well as experience their new innovative tub and shower area, new revivals and finishes and get a change to enjoy a class of champagne in their summer lounge right by the waterfront.

Other Exhibitions
+Halle is the brand to turn to for a new take on furniture for the public realm. With an energetic and different approach to furniture design, +Halle challenges the industry’s status quo. Based on the mantra of making furniture with a purpose, the brand offers a sharply designed collection of previously unseen archetypes. Designs by Industrial Facility, Snøhetta, MSDS, Form Us With Love, Nick Ross and Raw Edges among others are born out of design conversations, behavioural analyses and critical discussions involving anthropologists, behaviour scientists and entrepreneurs, making each product a piece of modern resonance.
The idiom of the AYTM universe is simple and stylish shapes and sculptural structures of Scandinavian interior classics that stands out by being bold, voluminous and eye-catching. The sole purpose of AYTM’s existence is to reinvent and challenge design traditions and give interior design a new perspective through a more expressive and international approach to Scandinavian design.

The contrasts between clean lines, materials and surfaces, and with a balanced and soft palette of colours is where the magic happens, adding a unique touch to AYTM. With this, the essence of every AYTM collection is focussed on high quality and exquisite details for an exclusive feeling yet long-lasting pieces in terms of functionality and aesthetic expressions.
Danish Architecture Center (DAC) is an international cultural attraction for everyone who wants to experience and understand how architecture and design create the framework for our lives. DAC is located in the heart of Copenhagen in the spectacular  BLOX building which is situated right at the harbor front and as part of Copenhagen’s Cultural Quarter. 

Through exhibitions, tours, events, learning and networking, Danish Architecture Center creates space for inspiration, enjoyment and immersion.

In 2023, Copenhagen is designated the World Capital of Architecture. Danish Architecture Center (DAC) is an epicenter with a wide range of activities and exhibitions that you don’t want to miss.
Danish Architecture Center
Pholc is a Swedish lighting brand with a different take on Scandinavian design. The brand has a clear mission – to challenge the expected with every lamp. A mission that requires a constant flow of new ideas, influences, and approaches. In other words, collaboration is at the heart of Pholc. It is even stated in the name. Pholc is a wordplay of Folk, the Swedish name for people. The very essence of the brand is built upon partnering up with creatives who share the will and courage to make strong design statements. It’s all about finding and nurturing relationships where ideas can grow, alter, and evolve. A respectful creative friction pushing the boundaries of what design can be.
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