August Sandgren

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Bredgade 74
August Sandgren
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"August Sandgren makes mess pretty", a customer once said and simply put, that is what August Sandgren aim to do. With its 100-year-old box-maker heritage, August Sandgren handcraft timeless, functional, and aesthetic storage objects, for every storage need in today’s cluttered world – at home and in the office. Apart from general storage boxes, they offer a selection of exquisite jewelry boxes, watch boxes and on-the-go solutions. Their beautiful objects are made from surplus materials sourced from exclusive partners in the European furniture and fashion industry or from oekotex-certified leather. August Sandgren’s storage objects are crafted in Europe and built to last a lifetime or more – in design, craftsmanship and choice of materials.

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Bredgade 74 Copenhagen 1260
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