Mossroom Rugs

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frederiksgade 1, 3rd floor, 1265, copenhagen
Mossroom Rugs
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Its right to say that not all rooms are created equal, certain spaces and rooms call for something different - a more tailormade approach. Mossroom Rugs provides a rich tapestry of inspiration for customers wanting work their creative Interior muscle. The design team can adapt any design to suit your particular requirements as there is a myriad of possibilities - colour, shape of existing rugs, with patterns up or downscaled. Mossroom Rugs offers a fully bespoke service, with over 1,800 colour shades to choose from, colour matching, computer generated rug simulation and sampling, the company provides a complete solution to any specific interior design.

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For more than two decades, House of Finn Juhl, Onecollection, has been trusted with the exclusive rights to revive and produce Finn Juhl’s iconic furniture. Made with respect for the original heritage and an undying commitment to quality and durability, the collection now features more than 50 classic masterpieces. Each piece is expertly crafted using only the finest materials in the hands of dedicated and skilled craftspeople, ensuring a quality that lasts for generations.
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For artist Jane Ostermann-Petersen, sustainability and simple living are not buzzwords, but a radical design methodology. Now a landmark at Refshaleøen, her modular wood-clad housing structures KOLONIEN are in fact constructed as transitional shelters, developed for flexible small-scale living with a carbon-neutral footprint. With an added series of bespoke furniture and fittings – a sink and pendant light series crafted from scrap plywood using traditional charring techniques, as well as stools, tables and firepits – Jane expands her concept for sustainable living into a ‘total design’. The unique products share a rugged yet refined aesthetic; an eco-punk take on the Nordic design tradition.
Design School Kolding builds on a long and proud tradition of art and design education. The university offers high quality BA, MA and PhD Degree Programmes with teaching based on innovative practice and new knowledge in close collaboration with the school’s researchers and wider society. The 3-year BA programme comprises Communication Design, Industrial Design, Fashion Design, Textile Design, and Accessory Design. The 2-year MA programme is an international, cross-disciplinary programme that allows students to advance their skills and competences within a thematic context defined as Design for People (social design), Design for Planet (sustainability and design) or Design for Play (play and design).
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Mossroom Rugs

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