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February 23, 2024
Bigger than Ever

It all began in 2013 as a joint initiative spearheaded by four Danish brands, held in an old warehouse in Nordhavn.

Each year since our inception, 3daysofdesign continues to promote emerging talents, spotlight industry leaders, foster connections and, above all, inspire innovation and a collective passion for design.From our modest beginning, 3daysofdesign has become a significant festival on the global design calendar.

In June 2024, our festival is set to host over 350 exhibitors showcasing diverse perspectives and disciplines within design, seen in showrooms, galleries, and event spaces across Copenhagen. An impressive number of participants representing the biggest 3daysofdesign festival to date. In honour of this milestone, it's important to reflect on our founding ambitions, along with our evolving vision of the festival. As our brand awareness expands, and as we welcome more participants from our Nordic neighbours and elsewhere around the globe, 3daysofdesign remains committed to a growth strategy that prioritises the wellbeing of people and the planet.

Sustainability Agenda

In our ongoing commitment to curate a diverse and impactful programme, we are dedicated to our core values of promoting innovative design and craftsmanship and a firm sustainability agenda. With a more stringent selection criteria in place, exhibitors are required to continuously improve their environmental impact. By setting higher standards for eligible exhibitors, we uphold sustainability as a fundamental requirement that demands tangible action.

To promote best practices in tandem with innovative design solutions, we are launching a new podcast series, in collaboration with Design Kan and True Nordic Impact. This initiative is a platform for knowledge-sharing and support, facilitating critical discussions and ongoing dialogue within the design community worldwide.

Looking ahead, we envision a future where Denmark transcends its reputation as a design-centric nation becoming a global leader in environmentally positive solutions.  

Human-Centered Design

Equally crucial is the imperative for social growth and the potential of design to serve as a unifying force. In an era where loneliness has emerged as a widespread health concern, it's evident that the approach to addressing social issues must evolve. Here design can play a pivotal role as a catalyst for cultivating genuine connections. To this end, 3daysofdesign champions inclusive, human-centric designs that enrich our lives, able to influence how we connect with products, our surroundings, the environment – and each other.  

Exploration and Engagement

In addition to showcasing original and iconic design concepts, at the heart of 3daysofdesign lies the vibrant energy and curiosity of visitors who come to Copenhagen from all over the world. It provides a platform for the design community to meet, where old friends reunite, new connections are made, and innovative ideas can be exchanged. Recognising the vital role that visitors play, we have improved our 3daysofdesign app with a focus on the user experience. The app provides users with the ability to create a personalised calendar of events and exhibitions that resonate with their preferences and streamlines the process of navigating the city. The introduction of new design districts in 2024 offers greater opportunities for exploration and engagement. A noteworthy addition is the Design Walk series led by the 3daysofdesign team. Each Design Walk is your chance to delve deeper into select exhibits, gain insights into city’s design culture, and engage in thought-provoking discussions. With increasing brand awareness and engagement, coupled with our steadfast commitment to nurturing sustainable practices and fostering genuine connections, 3daysofdesign 2024 is honoured to be bigger than ever.

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