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kongens nytorv 13, 1095 copenhagen
Studio About
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Studio About is a Danish design company that inspire to experimental and modern ways of living. The design company aims to explore the contrasts between beauty and functionality through an artistic approach. The design of Studio About is a fusion between the industrial and the organic with each design object experimenting with different expressions and functions. Studio About wishes to create a universe of urban aesthetics with unique artware that push the boundaries of aesthetic understanding and experience.

Other Exhibitions
Tonone was founded in 2013 by designer Anton de Groof and is based in The Netherlands. The brand is known for the use of characteristic construction tools as a visual and a functional basis for innovative light design. During the design- and production process the entire life cycle of the products is taken into account when it comes to sustainability, efficiency and logistics. Although the handwriting of Anton de Groof and his team is still to be described as bold and functional, the newly introduced light designs have evaluated to a slick, unadomed and smart lightconcept. Even when there is no visibility of the used mechanics, Tonone’s signature is still recognized in every next step of its lighting design.
File Under Pop is driven out of passion for creative surface design. The company specializes in clothing floors, walls and ceilings in a curated universe of color and tactile textures using handmade tiles, paint, textile and bespoke interior solutions. 

The Copenhagen-based brand, directed by Josephine Akvama Hoffmeyer, transforms rooms by equipping surfaces with tiles crafted from clay and lava stone, hand-painted wall pieces, textiles and durable, ultramatt paint. All products are processed by hand, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, resulting in characteristic surfaces. 

File Under Pop introduces a new Color Lab at Carlsberg Byen - a shop offering a whole new take on colors and interior consulting.
File Under Pop
Since 2017, the brand started working together with talented marble artisans in Tuscany. The craftsmanship inspired to combine tactile expertise with digital accessibility, to offer an approachable and superior experience. MarmoMarmo holds onto an intersection of modern design technology and the meticulous vintage crafts. Long on wear, high on standards, cultivated by creativity, and aspirated by aesthetics – MarmoMarmo is created with the intent to provide careful guidance, helpful tools, and tangible knowledge to fellow admirers around the world. Focusing on developing external designs, placing them in a spotlight and observing creative talents unfold.
The idiom of the AYTM universe is simple and stylish shapes and sculptural structures of Scandinavian interior classics that stands out by being bold, voluminous and eye-catching. The sole purpose of AYTM’s existence is to reinvent and challenge design traditions and give interior design a new perspective through a more expressive and international approach to Scandinavian design.

The contrasts between clean lines, materials and surfaces, and with a balanced and soft palette of colours is where the magic happens, adding a unique touch to AYTM. With this, the essence of every AYTM collection is focussed on high quality and exquisite details for an exclusive feeling yet long-lasting pieces in terms of functionality and aesthetic expressions.

Studio About

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