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fredericiagade 57, copenhagen, denmark
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FRAMA is a multi-disciplinary brand encompassing lifestyle objects and homewares, interior architecture and meaningful design solutions, furniture and lighting, scents and skincare, and a seasonal eatery inspiring the senses and encouraging mindful living. With an emphasis on natural materials, simple geometries, and uncompromising quality, the brand's work celebrates craftsmanship and connects the imaginative with the practical, resulting in a uniquely warm and honest aesthetic.

FRAMA introduces "IL MERCATO," a concept celebrating the brand's local community and underlining the importance of a more resilient and equitable food system By highlighting the universal human connection to nature and food culture, FRAMA bridges the link between its newest design launches and the local marketplace, attracting creatives and activists who envision new perspectives for the present way of living. The "IL MERCATO" exhibition will showcase, besides new furniture, lighting, textiles, and other home accessories, a collaboration with apotek57, FRAMA's seasonal eatery curated by chef Chiara Barla, and GRØNT MARKED, a Copenhagen-based Farmers Market supporting small producers since 2019.

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Its right to say that not all rooms are created equal, certain spaces and rooms call for something different - a more tailormade approach. Mossroom Rugs provides a rich tapestry of inspiration for customers wanting work their creative Interior muscle. The design team can adapt any design to suit your particular requirements as there is a myriad of possibilities - colour, shape of existing rugs, with patterns up or downscaled. Mossroom Rugs offers a fully bespoke service, with over 1,800 colour shades to choose from, colour matching, computer generated rug simulation and sampling, the company provides a complete solution to any specific interior design.
Mossroom Rugs
A Danish family-owned company, founded in 1972. Recognized by the signature Kolon hinge, with the characteristic two dots, Kolon manufactures custom made cabinets and kitchens, specialising in design, quality and durability. Kolon is a leader when it comes to special designed inventory and kitchens, used in both private, corporate and public institutions.
Varier is a furniture company based in Oslo, Norway. Varier designs and produces high-quality ergonomic chairs that invite people to move while they sit.

Since 1979, the products have led the way in innovation within its field and inspired creativity in workspaces and homes across the world. People can live healthier and more sustainable lives by being in balance. To Varier, being in balance means a mixture of stability and movement. The versatile collection of chairs reflects their commitment to human-centered design, focusing on people’s needs as a starting point. 

Simply put, Varier brings color, play and function to ergonomics.
Varier Furniture
Located on the 4th floor in the iconic department store ILLUM, MUJI introduces a universe sure to excite any fan of well-thought-out design and interior of good quality. Born in 1980 as an antithesis to the habits of consumerism at the time, MUJI grew with a purpose of restoring a vision of products that are useful and maintain the proper balance between living and the objects that make it possible. With a philosophy of functional design and roots in Japanese minimalism, MUJI provides a wide range of daily necessities ranging from stationery and household, to clothing and travel. Besides being one of MUJI’s most eco-friendly stores, the MUJI-store in ILLUM is also the home of the only MUJI TeaHouse in Europe with a fine selection of tea.
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