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Odd Fellow Palace, Bredgade 28, 1260 Copenhagen, Danmark
Odd Fellow Palace
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Established in 1940 by Lars Karl Hjelle and now a third-generation company, the essence remains the same: to always create beautiful, timeless pieces that will last for generations to come – in form, quality and comfort. The collection is produced locally at their own factory in Norway - with great focus on sustainability. Not only must their in-house manufacturing meet rigorous environmental and societal standards, but also their subcontractors. Hjelle shows what is possible with industrial clusters of specialized and hyper-local manufacturing. The collection contains both Norwegian design icons and new and innovative designs. It ranges to everything from sofas, lounge chairs, dining chairs, office furniture and interior décor.

Other Exhibitions
Orrefors is a global leader in glass. Founded in 1898, the proud heritage is maintained by making sure the products meet the principles of Scandinavian design: innovation, functionality, craftmanship, timeless aesthetics and sustainable quality. Important values that survive the test of time. This year, in the brand’s 125th anniversary, Orrefors reintroduces its archive to a new audience and form new design partnerships to deliver iconic products for future generations. Key initiatives include designs by Monica Förster, Benjamin Hubert, Claeson Koivisto Rune and Björn Dahlström. Read more on orrefors.com
Danish design owes a great debt to the Copenhagen Carpenters’ Guild, Københavns Snedkerlaug, founded in 1554 and still, after 469 years, supporting local craft based on the pillars of longevity, local production, handcraft and technology. For the second time, Københavns Snedkerlaug will be part of 3daysofdesign under the title “Carpentry Craft”. The guild exhibition showing unique pieces by master craftsmen, as well as work from Final Exams and apprentices and more established makers, will be held in the Moltke's Mansion, an impressive Baroque building in the center of Copenhagen.
Københavns Snedkerlaug
The concept behind Woodnotes est. 1987 products is to combine artistic creativity inspired by Finland’s rugged nature with technology to shape beautiful local raw materials. Softness of wool, purity of paper, glow of metal – the company collection represents timeless products of rare aesthetic quality.
ASKO products are inspired by the Scandinavian nature and way of living. The art of pure craftsmanship, durable construction, passion for detail and innovation, high performance, quality and sheer design excellence are the essence of the ASKO white goods appliances; they bring a new dimension to the kitchen and they inspire and make your life at home easier and more enjoyable. ASKO follows the principles of producing appliances that are built to last, to perform and to help.


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