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Store Kongensgade 21A 1264 Copenhagen
FDB Møbler
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Furniture ought to make room for people. That has been the philosophy since 1942, when FDB Møbler was founded, with architect Børge Mogensen heading up the studio. Many new designers have since entered the fold, but the foundational principles remain the same: To create beautiful, functional and exceptionally crafted furniture that makes room for everyday living at home. FDB Møbler is internationally known as a frontrunner of Danish design. It’s a story of classic pieces to be passed down from generation to generation. Regardless of whether they are talking about iconic pieces or new, innovative designs, the goal is the same: To have the veritable quality of life that was envisioned when the first pieces of furniture emerged in 1942.

FDB Møbler invites you into a world of iconic design and exciting new collaborations at the store in Store Kongensgade. Come by for breakfast, floating lunch or afternoon mingles packed with exciting talks, new designs and the launch of a brand-new collaboration between FDB Møbler and File Under Pop.

Other Exhibitions
For 3daysofdesign the notable Parade lighting series by Viola Heyn-Johnsen and Jonas Trampedach for HAY, has been reimagined and placed within a spatial context at the designers' showroom. The geometry and versatility of the original lamp is unfolded through abstractions and material translations, creating a celebration of product and space combined.
Jonas Trampedach Studio
Fiorini Trading represents well-known international furniture brands such as Living Divani, Extremis, Desalto, Gebrüder Thonet Vienna, Alias, Asplund, and Ondarreta. All of Fiorini Trading’s brands are family-owned companies run through several generations with proud traditions in quality craftsmanship, own production and with collections created by world-leading designers.
Fiorini Trading
Kristina Dam Studio define sculptural minimalism by merging the artist's meticulous attention to detail with the architect's vision and spatial understanding. Respect for nature's materials is integral to every piece, their passion for diligent craftsmanship is evident in every item, and each design is more than just interior objects. They add a statement to any room.

In 2023 Kristina Dam Studio continues the exploration of the interactions between positive and negative spaces; new artworks are designed to complete contemporary spaces, and functional objects acclaim Sculptural Minimalism.
Kristina Dam Studio
The inspiration behind the Danish brand GREENHOLT is a blend of Scandinavian and
Japanese design traditions, consisting of new and past designs that embrace authentic
living. Greenholt’s aim is to make products that strike a perfect balance between
simplicity and functionality, with carefully crafted details.
Greenholt rediscovers past designs that still have relevance and value and gives new life
to designs that have proven their worth through generations, reintroducing them to the
modern interior enthusiast. Greenholt makes designs that evoke a sense of comfort and
familiarity, and creates accessible products with timeless and contemporary appeal,
which can be used to decorate and add character to the interior of any home.
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FDB Møbler

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