Anker Bak
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Anker Bak is a pioneering designer, merging the essence of Nordic cabinetmaking traditions with innovative, regenerative furniture and assistive aids. Recognized for his empowering and caring practice, Bak experiments with wood to address real-life challenges, notably improving the lives of the elderly and people with disabilities. He creates vital furniture pieces still awaiting full industry recognition. Collaborating with esteemed entities like Carl Hansen & Søn, Takumi Kohgei, and Fredahl Rydéns, Bak was honored with the Wegner Prize in 2023 for his holistic and crucial design approach. As a thought leader in an emerging field, he is dedicated to ushering in a new era with his concept of Dignity Design.

‘The Furniture We Need’ by Anker Bak is an journey through the challenges faced by the elderly and people with disabilities. Through Bak’s caring and poignant approach, the exhibition contrasts industrial materials with visions of a future where design embodies dignity for everyone, without discrimination. Towering above the harbour in Kulturtårnet on Knippelsbro Bridge, the exhibition stands in a recently renovated copper tower, symbolizing a bridge between the old and new. It draws on Bak's sensitive insight into the human condition and continues the furniture activism that earned Bak’s debut exhibition "Renewed Dignity" wide acclaim. Visitors are sure to be challenged with Bak’s visions, inspiring hope and a burning sense of urgency.

Zanat is a design-oriented manufacturing company built on the foundations of a UNESCO world heritage woodcarving tradition and a century old family business renown for making heirloom-quality, hand-carved furniture and decorative objects.  The fourth-generation heirs to the family business, brothers Orhan and Adem Niksic, initiated collaborations with globally renowned designers to develop an impressive collection of award-winning contemporary furniture and accessories.  They envisaged Zanat as a vehicle to promote a new approach in design and production: one that emphasizes craftsmanship and shows how traditional techniques can enrich and open new possibilities for design while contributing to the preservation of cultural heritage.
February 1, 2024
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Ark Journal is an independent print magazine, capturing the essence of the Scandinavian lifestyle and design values. It is a curated magazine, rooted in a passion for art, design, architecture, and culture. 
Ark Journal believe that by investigating the interplay of these fields they show their interrelated and combined power.
Made in collaboration with international writers, renowned photographers and stylists, creating original photography and exceptional visuals, it is a journal of inspiration and a source book.
Ark Journal is the cornerstone of an international platform, encompassing editorial collaborations, a digital gallery, an online shop, design exhibitions and global events.
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February 21, 2024
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Ukurant celebrates experimental approaches to craft, material and tradition, offering young designers a platform and spotlight to present their work and push the boundaries of the established design scene. Whether it is in unconventional ways or in tribute to past generations, Ukurant presents new perspectives in the world of design and showcases prospective design by emerging talents.
January 18, 2024
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Part of 2024
WUUD offers novel wooden cladding solutions for contemporary architecture. WUUD develops new mechanical and chemical wood modifying technologies allowing cost efficient and sustainable production of embossed surface textures, weather proofing and fire retardancy. Their novel embossing method utilizes the natural properties of wood, turning it into a more versatile material for the construction industry and opening up new possibilities for the use of wood in contemporary architecture.
February 16, 2024
Wall & Surface
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Anker Bak
Knippelsbro 2, 1400 Copenhagen
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3daysofdesign is an exclusive event that's inclusive of everyone. Where the press, bloggers, buyers, designers, architects and design enthusiasts, as well as the general public, are invited to experience new concepts from our curated selection of brands from Denmark and elsewhere around the world.

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Since its inception in 2013, Signe Byrdal Terenziani has facilitated the growth of the design community in her role as Managing Director. It all began as a small design event held in an old warehouse in Nordhavn, a harbour area overlooking Copenhagen’s waterfront. Four Danish brands launched the event as a joint initiative: Montana, Erik Jørgensen (now owned by Fredericia Furniture), Anker & Co, and Kvadrat. At that time, Copenhagen lacked a proper design festival, since the previous annual furniture fair at Bella Center closed down some years before.

Today, the 3daysofdesign festival extends to the entire city of Copenhagen and is considered the most significant annual design festival in Scandinavia.

Each year since its inception, 3daysofdesign has grown in popularity exponentially. In 2023, over 250 brands exhibited at the festival, where visitors could choose from as many as 500 events to attend in various design districts across Copenhagen, such as design talks, networking events, etc.

3daysofdesign takes place every year in Copenhagen mainly during the second week of June from Wednesday to Friday. In 2024 the festival will be held from 12 - 14 June.

Pack your bags, book a hotel and come to Copenhagen! 3daysofdesign is open to the general public and everyone is invited to visit the showrooms, exhibitions, workshops and design talks. All events are free of charge – however this his year we're using a new QR ticket system to make your experience smoother and more enjoyable. Simply download our app and register as a visitor to gain access to all the exhibition spaces and events.

Please check the programme, which is updated on an ongoing basis, at

You can look forward to seeing cutting-edge concepts from new and established names in lifestyle, design, furniture and interior design. Get a preview of new product launches. Learn about upcoming trends on the horizon. Meet the players behind forward-thinking ideas worth knowing. And network with like-minded people with a passion for design.

It's easy to get around in Copenhagen.

Rent a bike, jump on the bus or metro, catch a boat or simply walk from venue to venue. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the architecture, restaurants, cafes, shops and Copenhagen's relaxed vibe by day and vibrant night life.

Absolutely! Don't forget to download our app on your Android or iPhone. It provides a comprehensive view of all the festival events, including a complete list of exhibitions along with their locations on our interactive 3daysofdesign map. Plus, we're excited to introduce a new QR ticket system this year for easy access to everything the festival has to offer.

Anker Bak
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