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November 22, 2023
3daysofdesign at Carlsberg Byen - City Life Hub in Mineralvandsfabrikken

For the tenth edition of 3daysofdesign, Carlsberg Byen will be a new district toexplore - a lively area to learn about urban planning, while enjoying a beautifulexhibition in the 3daysofdesign hub at Mineralvandsfabrikken, It will act as themeeting point for the district and be one of three hubs during the festival - payinghomage to the City of Copenhagen and its title as “The World Capital forArchitecture for 2023.”Together with Udviklingsselskabet Carlsberg Byen P/S, the design studio BRIQ,will curate an exhibition presenting the district’s history, development, and plans.

Under the name “The Living City” it reflects on how our cities should be founded on community, comfort, and poetry. The spatial installations, exhibitions, and overall program zoom in on the transformation of Carlsberg Byen into a vibrant and mixed city district. There will be a spacious relaxation area, and of course a bar that represents the historic brewery grounds on which the exhibition is located.To complement the exhibition, there will also be curated talks by renowned architects, designers and thought leaders.

How do we design cities that support a sense of belonging? How do we feel seen and meet in our communities?These questions will be the springboard for three inspiring talks. The talks will be moderated and curated by London-based editor Amy Frearson (ex. Dezeen) and co-founder of The Lobby, Dorte Bagge.“We live in a time where there are endless modes of connectivity but how do wetruly meet the inherent human need to connect with our surroundings?

This is why we will create a platform to debate the meeting point between design and architecture, reflecting on the conversation that is already happening in CarlsbergByen.” -Signe Terenziani, Managing Director of 3daysofdesignWorld-renowned architect Anupama Kundoo will host a talk focusing on thedeep human need for purpose, refuge, and social engagement. Her work evolvesaround topics such as experimentation, innovation, and using and learning fromlocal building techniques and materials.

To round off the design festival, Mineralvandfabrikken opens its doors to all visitorsto unwind with a fun game of “City Life Bingo”.The hub at Mineralvandsfabrikken is a starting point for visiting other interesting locations in the area; from private homes and workplaces to restaurants andshops - the neighbourhood will open its doors during the 3daysofdesign festival.In addition to the 3daysofdesign Hub, there will be exhibitors such as File UnderPop, Karakter, PP Møbler, Stillark, and V-ZUG.

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