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Where Would We Be Without You?

Behind every design, there are numerous individuals who contribute their talents, artisan techniques, and production expertise.

Rasmus Hjortshøj
Rasmus Hjortshøj
Rasmus Hjortshøj
Festival News

Where Would We Be Without You?

Behind every design, there are numerous individuals who contribute their talents, artisan techniques, and production expertise.

There are endless prototypes, processes, and procedures; countless questions and conversations, and unseen variables yielding unexpected outcomes. Not to mention the many rounds of testing and fine-tuning before a concept becomes a reality.

The end result is a singular idea made possible by a multitude of people. Collaborators and cohorts with a shared vision who think in sync, infusing each design with their passion. Collaborators connected via their desire for design to positively impact society and the planet at large, and ultimately pave the path for a future we can all look forward to.

At the same time, behind the scenes of 3daysofdesign, we have exhibitors, designers, producers, and partners, along with bloggers, the press, the general public, and other guests visiting Copenhagen from around the globe. We also have our devoted staff who orchestrate everything to ensure all the pieces of the puzzle come together. It’s a massive undertaking that involves a plethora of details and an aptitude for connecting the dots, culminating in an experience that’s meaningful and memorable – beyond the three days of our festival.

This year, for the 10th edition of 3daysofdesign, we go backstage behind the designs to highlight the factors hidden from view. To celebrate how everything and everyone, in one way or another, is all connected.

To begin this communal reflection we spoke with photographer Rasmus Hjortshøj about interconnectedness in his practice. Read the interview here, and follow along as we publish more editorial features focussed on our theme, “Where Would We Be Without You?”

We look forward to exchanging many great ideas, experiences and expertise with you - our design community - this year, especially from June 7-9 in Copenhagen.

This year’s theme visuals were made in collaboration with a group of multidisciplinary creatives. Photographer Rasmus Hjortshøj and videographer Pelle Darger Johansen captured six friends of 3daysofdesign as they formed a dynamic visual depiction of collaboration, connectivity and creativity.

The imagery would not have been possible without Sjur, Monique, Laura, Jacob, Noah and Filippa and the 3daysofdesign team.

Thank you to &Drape for supplying the textiles and to Manu Sareen for providing a delightful camper van that kept the team warm during the photoshoot.

Sustainable Design Effort
At 3daysofdesign, our commitment extends beyond showcasing the latest trends in interior design and furniture. We strive to facilitate meaningful discussions, debate, and actively contribute to pushing forward a more sustainable approach within the realm of interior design and furniture business. Join us in our mission to inspire positive change and promote a greener, more responsible future for the industry.

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Rasmus Hjortshøj
COAST is an architectural photography and research studio specialising in the representation of space, architecture and urban environments. COAST is founded by Rasmus Hjortshøj, photographer and architect Ph.D.Through architectural photography, the studio portrays the work of leading practices and institutions in the field of architecture and design. Through territorial photography, the studio engages in the visual mapping and aesthetic framing of natural/urban territories. Through research and design, the studio engages in a variety of collaborations in practice and academia.

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3daysofdesign is an exclusive event that's inclusive of everyone. Where the press, bloggers, buyers, designers, architects and design enthusiasts, as well as the general public, are invited to experience new concepts from our curated selection of brands from Denmark and elsewhere around the world.

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Since its inception in 2013, Signe Byrdal Terenziani has facilitated the growth of the design community in her role as Managing Director. It all began as a small design event held in an old warehouse in Nordhavn, a harbour area overlooking Copenhagen’s waterfront. Four Danish brands launched the event as a joint initiative: Montana, Erik Jørgensen (now owned by Fredericia Furniture), Anker & Co, and Kvadrat. At that time, Copenhagen lacked a proper design festival, since the previous annual furniture fair at Bella Center closed down some years before.

Today, the 3daysofdesign festival extends to the entire city of Copenhagen and is considered the most significant annual design festival in Scandinavia.

Each year since its inception, 3daysofdesign has grown in popularity exponentially. In 2023, over 250 brands exhibited at the festival, where visitors could choose from as many as 500 events to attend in various design districts across Copenhagen, such as design talks, networking events, etc.

3daysofdesign takes place every year in Copenhagen mainly during the second week of June from Wednesday to Friday. In 2024 the festival will be held from 12 - 14 June.

Pack your bags, book a hotel and come to Copenhagen! 3daysofdesign is open to the general public and everyone is invited to visit the showrooms, exhibitions, workshops and design talks. All events are free of charge – however this his year we're using a new QR ticket system to make your experience smoother and more enjoyable. Simply download our app and register as a visitor to gain access to all the exhibition spaces and events.

Please check the programme, which is updated on an ongoing basis, at 3daysofdesign.dk

You can look forward to seeing cutting-edge concepts from new and established names in lifestyle, design, furniture and interior design. Get a preview of new product launches. Learn about upcoming trends on the horizon. Meet the players behind forward-thinking ideas worth knowing. And network with like-minded people with a passion for design.

It's easy to get around in Copenhagen.

Rent a bike, jump on the bus or metro, catch a boat or simply walk from venue to venue. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the architecture, restaurants, cafes, shops and Copenhagen's relaxed vibe by day and vibrant night life.

Absolutely! Don't forget to download our app on your Android or iPhone. It provides a comprehensive view of all the festival events, including a complete list of exhibitions along with their locations on our interactive 3daysofdesign map. Plus, we're excited to introduce a new QR ticket system this year for easy access to everything the festival has to offer.

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