Festival Highlight

New Talent’s Award: Celebrating the Future of Design

Three design talents were honored with the title and a travel grant.

Festival Highlight

New Talent’s Award: Celebrating the Future of Design

Three design talents were honored with the title and a travel grant.

The leading magazines within Danish design and interior design in Scandinavia, BO BEDRE and Bolig Magasinet, held an award ceremony during this year's 3daysofdesign.

To celebrate creativity and the future of design, three design talents—consisting of two individuals and a design duo—were awarded the New Talent’s Award.

With the title comes a travel grant of 15,000 DKK.

The money for the travel grants comes from an auction that the two design magazines held a few years back. Leading design companies donated designs, and the income now goes to support new talent. Now that's the kind of circular thinking we like!

This year, the winners were found among the graduating students at the Royal Danish Academy.

The two judges—Erik Rimmer, editor-in-chief of BO BEDRE, and Helle Blok, editor-in-chief of Bolig Magasinet—said about the three winners:

Trolle Rudebeck Haar's mobile sauna

About Trolle Rudebeck Haar:

We are impressed by the way you first worked with models—beautiful black archetypal models of tents. And afterwards, it is very convincing and surprising to discover that you have transformed them into a mobile sauna. So now the world has a sauna that can be moved around—“WOW,” that's all we can say.

Jon Hinrik Höskuldsson and Kirstine Nørgaard Sejersen with Bundle

About the design duo Jon Hinrik Höskuldsson and Kirstine Nørgaard Sejersen:

We commend the way you first conducted your research on composite materials and the numerous experiments in which you mixed different materials. The final result, Bundle, is a very lightweight chair made of thermo-pressed flax fibers and plastic, where the amount of the latter material is significantly reduced—well done.

Thomas Woltmann's cabinet

About Thomas Woltmann:

Does anyone remember that there is an old ochre mine in Central Jutland? We know this now thanks to Thomas Woltmann's almost archaeological study, where he reopened the mine in Løvskal and uses the beautiful colors in a dazzling installation. Your cabinet, Thomas, is a masterpiece containing so many stories about colors, nature, and craftsmanship.

Sustainable Design Effort
At 3daysofdesign, our commitment extends beyond showcasing the latest trends in interior design and furniture. We strive to facilitate meaningful discussions, debate, and actively contribute to pushing forward a more sustainable approach within the realm of interior design and furniture business. Join us in our mission to inspire positive change and promote a greener, more responsible future for the industry.

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Royal Danish Academy
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The Royal Danish Academy embodies the transformative potential of design and architecture within its Institute of Architecture and Design. Through the master's programs – Furniture Design, Strategic Design & Entrepreneurship, Spatial Design, and Fashion, Clothing, and Textiles – the institute investigates the intersection of design and architecture, as well as the relationship between human beings, spatiality and materiality. The aim is to develop specific fields, as well as an in-depth understanding of interdisciplinary collaborations. With this ambition, the institute educates designers and architects who appreciate the value of diversity and collaboration and employ their methods, knowledge and skills to meet the challenges of tomorrow.
Royal Danish Academy

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