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UMAGE is a Danish word meaning ‘making an effort’, and that’s what they aim to do every day. UMAGE is where beautiful Danish design meets affordability, high-quality materials and a genuine care for the environment. UMAGE combine aesthetics, simplicity and functionality and infuse it with thoughtful craftsmanship and environmental care. The result is exquisite designs with a sustainable edge.

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A special way of understanding upholstery, an overarching and demanding profession, melt with more than 30 years of craftsmanship expertise where innovation is put to the service of design, and high values convey into concrete pieces. Blasco&Vila’s atelier manufactures high quality, upmarket design objects, intended for furnishing and decorating residential and public spaces oriented towards relaxing and lounging. Each and every one of presented designs, are unique pieces conceived by expert designers and handmade by master craftsmen. A combination which provides each piece with the necessary characteristics to guarantee their durability, comfort, quality and functionality.
pulpo is a design editor for high-end products in the home sector. In 2006, pulpo was founded by Ursula and Patrick L’hoste as a design brand at the interface between shape and material. pulpo’s conception is to edit lighting, furniture and accessories on the editor’s choice. The company’s focus is to conduct up-and-coming designers and selected manufacturers, using the nature of materials to form the score. Materials such as ceramics, stone and especially glass, which is pulpo’s primary focus since 2013.
pulpo is movement – is possibility – is passion.
At Ocee & Four Design, the belief is held that the furniture designed and spaces filled should enrich and inspire the lives of the organizations and individuals that use them. 
This belief is what drives the company, and it reflects their approach to design and manufacturing. Ocee & Four Design caters to a range of needs, from a single office to a global headquarters, public spaces to co-working spaces, universities to conference halls, canteens to libraries, and from the back office to the front of house. By focusing on the design principles of People, Place, and Purpose, the furniture designed by Ocee & Four Design combines functionality, ingenious design, and a healthy dose of wonder, which turn good spaces into great experiences.
Ocee & Four Design
Founded in 2015 by Matthieu Bourgeaux and Vincent Quesada, TIPTOE is a French  furniture brand that takes sustainability into account at every stage of its value chain. 
TIPTOE has its own design studio which develops a wide range of furniture for individuals and professionals (hotels, restaurants, offices, shops).
In 2021, the brand officially became a company with the mission of pushing the limits of eco-design. By adopting this approach, TIPTOE has become a pioneer in environmental responsibility in the furniture industry in France. The design studio is also B-Corp certified. Their objects are designed in Paris, then manufactured in France and Europe from sustainable materials, largely recycled.
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