The Audo

The Audo

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århusgade 130, 2150, copenhagen
The Audo
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As a restaurant, café, concept store, boutique residence, material library, co-working and event space, The Audo is a hybrid, uniting design, work-life, hospitality and community in one. The Audo operates from the belief that knowledge-sharing drives creativity, builds healthier communities and can lead to higher quality work. The house and its name are built upon this philosophy, borrowing from the Latin phrase Ab Uno Disce Omnes, meaning “from one, learn all”.

During 3daysofdesign, The Audo invites you to discover the house in a new way through the eyes of The Audo’s designers and partners. In-house interior designer Charlotte Schultz will reimagine a section of the Concept Shop using her signature vintage aesthetic and curatorial eye. Explore the work of the talented artists Ulla Bang and Sophie Klerk as the Concept Shop is transformed into a live workspace. The architecture collective, Atelier Axo, have redesigned The Audo Salon and Restaurant HÂIDAN, using their intuitive approach to atmosphere and form. Additionally, you can meet a variety of The Audo’s partners like Menu, By Lassen, Sørensen Leather, Brandt Collective & St. Leo.

Other Exhibitions
Ragnars is a Swedish furniture company that specializes on innovative high-end office furniture for the contemporary workplace. Many of their products are co-creations with some of Sweden’s most well-known architects and designers. A big part of Ragnars DNA is customisation which is why they are always welcoming new bold ideas.

Ragnars strive to create furniture that contributes to a natural, healthy and humane work environment. As a way to implement this they have lately been creating products with focus on biophilic design and therefore incorporated more of nature into the workplaces. Something that can be seen in one of their latest furniture series called 'Frames' where living plants have been integrated in the furniture.
Ragnars Inredningar
Since Normann Copenhagen’s foundation in 1999, the brand's ambition has been to challenge conventional thinking and make the ordinary extraordinary through great design. By combining the craftsmanship, functionality and endurance characterized by its Danish design heritage with modern silhouettes and durable materials, Normann Copenhagen aims to create original products in a contemporary design that withstand the test of time.
Normann Copenhagen believes in uniting people and spaces across the world and improving the quality of people’s lives through the power of great design. The brand's products combine functionality and design and accommodate the diversity of needs of modern life in residential and professional interiors alike.
Normann Copenhagen
Since its founding in 1960, Expormim has never stopped trusting the craftsmen who continue to transmit their knowledge from generation to generation. Their skills, passion and know-how, acquired after years dedicated to this noble profession, are undoubtedly the greatest secret to keep producing unique and exclusive pieces of furniture. The enhancement of rattan and the development of highly technical outdoor collections are largely responsible for the increasing success of Expormim’s products. They are committed to environmental sustainability, quality and good design, in cooperation with renowned architects and designers such as Oscar Tusquets Blanca, Jaime Hayon and Norm Architects.
Since 2017, the brand started working together with talented marble artisans in Tuscany. The craftsmanship inspired to combine tactile expertise with digital accessibility, to offer an approachable and superior experience. MarmoMarmo holds onto an intersection of modern design technology and the meticulous vintage crafts. Long on wear, high on standards, cultivated by creativity, and aspirated by aesthetics – MarmoMarmo is created with the intent to provide careful guidance, helpful tools, and tangible knowledge to fellow admirers around the world. Focusing on developing external designs, placing them in a spotlight and observing creative talents unfold.

The Audo

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