Caché x New Mags

Caché x New Mags

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Ny Østergade 28, 1101 Copenhagen, Denmark
Caché x New Mags
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Sculptural objects for the home. Caché is a selection of sculptural objects designed to elevate what you treasure most. Tied to the universe of books. Designed with simplicity, honesty and pure aesthetics in mind. Integrating so seamlessly with the cultured home, every Caché object almost appears to be hiding in plain sight. Whatever your treasured books and magazines may be, they now have striking sculptural companions that never fail to feature a useful detail or function. Crafted using only the finest materials available. With the ambition to create a collection that lasts a lifetime. - Designed by Signe Hytte

Stop by the New Mags Store during 3daysofdesign and experience how the bookstore is turned into a residential interior by Karimoku. An immersive exhibition that combines the collaborators of Karimoku and Norm Architects on everything from furniture, objects, art-pieces, literature and scent.

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Caché x New Mags

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