Sørensen Leather

Exhibition Award
The Audo
Århusgade 130
Sørensen Leather
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Sørensen Leather is an eco-conscious, global brand with the most high-end, sought-after sustainable leather in the world. We continuously work with new concepts and are the exclusive source of leather for iconic designs found around the globe. In a world of artificiality, leather is natural with an innate beauty that transcends time. Our passion is to encourage people to explore the creative possibilities of leather beyond the typical or traditional. You’re only limited by your imagination.

Meet Sørensen Leather at 3daysofdesign Visit us at the most important design event of the year, and get an exclusive preview of the 2nd edition of our color-box. A collaboration with Note Design Studio. Unleash your creativity and get inspired by its timeless charm and endless combinations.

Visit our exhibition at
Århusgade 130 Copenhagen 2150
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