Shade Lights

Shade Lights

Exhibition Award
frederiksholms kanal 25a, 1220 copenhagen kcopenhagen, copenhagen k, denmark
DDcated Designhub
Christian IV's Brewhouse
Frederiksholms Kanal 29
Shade Lights
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In 2015, Shade was founded to challenge the way we use and interact with light. To achieve that, Shade has established a tight collaboration with designer Øivind Slaatto to continuously develop the ØS1 smart lamp series, which combine cutting edge technology with Scandinavian design. Shade believes that design must be able to improve life to justify its existence and that’s the reason why the ØS1 is created to be fully adjustable in terms of light directions, intensity, temperature and colour.

The Shade exhibition is a study of interior lighting and the way people interact and benefit from personalized light settings. To really experience light we need to be aware and look at it in a completely different way and grasp the opportunities it gives us.

Other Exhibitions
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Closeness to nature is fundamental to all MOTARASU designs, where material and techniques combine to create tactile and sculptural objects that each place natural materials central to both design and functionality.

During 3daysofdesign MOTARASU launches the DAWN wall lamp by Bly Studio who won the light category in the Danish tv show Denmark's Next Classic. And furthermore the ENSO table lamp by Lars Vejen will be launched.

Shade Lights

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