Garde Hvalsøe

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esplanaden 8d, copenhagen, denmark
Garde Hvalsøe
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Ever since the company was founded in 1990, the core of Garde Hvalsøe has been dedicated to the craft of bespoke interior solutions. Garde Hvalsøe lives and breathes uncompromising quality and sublime craftsmanship, and the classic virtues from the Danish crafts and design tradition are in their blood. For Garde Hvalsøe, it is essential to stay true to the rhythm that is their signature. Therein lies the key to creating the world of tomorrow, which according to Garde Hvalsøe has to be built of quality materials in honest, thoughtful designs with a timeless beauty to be appreciated by generations to come.

With the exhibition ‘The Origin of Things’, Garde Hvalsøe and artist Sara Martinsen invite you to experience a visual story of materials at the intersection of art and design that highlights nature’s strengths and fragilities and provides food for thought. The exhibition features a wide range of organic materials, from wood and resin to soil and plant fibres, and contains the seeds of a deeper understanding of nature as the very condition of our existence. Explore ‘The Origin of Things’ in the newly redesigned Garde Hvalsøe showroom, where cabinetmaking excellence and artistic storytelling meet to celebrate natural materials – their beauty, sensory qualities, and inherent wisdom.

Other Exhibitions
Starting as a small family workshop specialising in upholstery, the foundation stones of Wendelbo were laid in 1955. Six decades and three generations later, the story of the Danish family with a strong dedication to design continues to unfold and prosper. Today, Wendelbo is an international design company fusing uncompromising upholstery and complementing design icons. Forming long-lasting collaborations with international designers, their collection bridges skilled craftsmanship, supreme quality, and a sophisticated international design signature.
Pholc is a Swedish lighting brand with a different take on Scandinavian design. The brand has a clear mission – to challenge the expected with every lamp. A mission that requires a constant flow of new ideas, influences, and approaches. In other words, collaboration is at the heart of Pholc. It is even stated in the name. Pholc is a wordplay of Folk, the Swedish name for people. The very essence of the brand is built upon partnering up with creatives who share the will and courage to make strong design statements. It’s all about finding and nurturing relationships where ideas can grow, alter, and evolve. A respectful creative friction pushing the boundaries of what design can be.
Sørensen Leather is an eco-conscious, global brand with the most high-end, sought-after sustainable leather in the world. We continuously work with new concepts and are the exclusive source of leather for iconic designs found around the globe. In a world of artificiality, leather is natural with an innate beauty that transcends time. Our passion is to encourage people to explore the creative possibilities of leather beyond the typical or traditional. You’re only limited by your imagination.
Sørensen Leather
Cosentino is a global manufacturer of sustainable surfaces for architecture, design and interior – and presents the 2023 launches of their two main brands, Dekton and Silestone under the headlines ‘Stone Dekoded’ and ‘Designed for Life’. 

Inspired by natural stone, craftmanship and recycling - and produced with renewable energy, the versatile, carbon-neutral collections meet current trends – and the creativity of architects and interior designers world wide.

Cosentino will merge together the technical, ultracompact stone and hybrid surfaces with the fascinating atmosphere at Kongernes Lapidarium to inspire through innovative and sustainable spaces.

Garde Hvalsøe

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