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Galleri Christoffer Egelund
Bredgade 75
Linie Design
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Founded in Denmark in 1980 with the desire to create quality rugs, Linie Design now has established itself as one of the leading rug specialists in Northern Europe. The secret to their success is intrinsically linked to our Nordic design traditions – clear lines, simplicity and uncluttered aesthetics – all woven together in uncompromising quality from start to finish. They create artistic rugs that appeal to the senses – inviting touch and offering visual stimulation. Rugs with bold and inventive designs that transcend the boundaries between art, expression and emotions. A curated fusion of textures and colours that stays true to the authenticity of the materials and craft, yet is not afraid to explore new dimensions.

Linie Design’s new collection, Apertus, originates from the Latin word ’aperio’, which means ‘free’, ‘clear’ or ‘uncovered’. The word conveys a sense of honesty and clarity, where everything is exposed, and this precisely reflects the values and design ambitions behind the rug collection. With minimal use of colour and maximum consideration for conscious production methods, Apertus lays everything bare in an attempt to stay as close as possible to nature. Experience more during the 3daysofdesign festival.

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Linie Design

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