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bredgade 28, 1260 copenhagen municipality, denmark
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LYFA is a visionary home of iconic classics from some of Denmark’s most influential lighting designers. Their enduring designs explore and enhance good lighting in all its facets and shapes. The LYFA collection is founded on pure aesthetics and a purposeful design philosophy shaped by decades of dedicated craftsmanship and captivating lighting designs. The design classics are crafted to impeccable quality standards and offer light arrangements for every home, occasion and situation.

Other Exhibitions
The French embassy in Denmark is located on Kongens Nytorv in the iconic Thott Palace, in the heart of Copenhagen. Every year, the embassy participates in 3daysofdesign by opening its doors to the public and organizing exhibitions of French design in its historic reception rooms, as well as design talks. This year, the embassy will be hosting an exhibition presented by the French agency RDAI, in collaboration with Atelier Aréthuse and Lelièvre. Please note that registration via Billetto is mandatory. Use this link to register:
Embassy of France
In 2015, Shade was founded to challenge the way we use and interact with light. To achieve that, Shade has established a tight collaboration with designer Øivind Slaatto to continuously develop the ØS1 smart lamp series, which combine cutting edge technology with Scandinavian design. 
Shade believes that design must be able to improve life to justify its existence and that’s the reason why the ØS1 is created to be fully adjustable in terms of light directions, intensity, temperature and colour.
Shade Lights
Kay Bojesen was a silversmith and a craftsman, more than a designer. As a functionalist, he strived to create aesthetic utensils that function, perform and last. Kay’s ability to think ahead of his time and still stay true to his design values, has resulted in his works becoming Danish design icons.
Today, Bojesen’s legacy is brought forward by his grandchild, Sus Bojesen Rosenqvist, who founded the company in 2011, relaunching the Grand Prix cutlery. The vision has always been to uphold Kay’s mindset of offering everyone the experience of his design.
Kay Bojesen’s heritage is carried on, staying true to his philosophy, simultaneously as adapting the original designs to always stay relevant and sustainable - just like Kay was known to do.
Kay Bojesen
For more than forty years, Novacolor has been the "color of architecture". Novacolor turns surfaces into works of art. Vision, creativity and meticulous care in selecting high-quality materials have enabled Novacolor to offer architects and designers a full range of interior and exterior decorative finishes, as well as mineral and synthetic coatings ideal for modern façades and historic buildings. Novacolor's colours and products originate from innovation and research, with a focus on the future: the company has a green and ecological profile with a focus on sustainability – important initiatives are, for example, recycling of paint and cleaner liquids that do not pollute water and nature.


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