Exhibitors 2023
Meet over 290 design brands showcasing new work at the 10th edition of 3daysofdesign.

This year's festival offers a record-breaking programme of great design. +290 incredible brands spanning furniture, lighting, accessories and materials; all innovators in their field; all dedicated to high quality craftsmanship with a future-centric approach.

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Join us this June to discover new players and be reunited with old favourites. Join an international creative community meeting on the streets of Copenhagen to celebrate great talent.

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A-N-D is a decorative luminaire design studio and manufacturer based in Vancouver, Canada where original collections are conceptualized, built and assembled in-house.

A-N-D investigates new design possibilities using innovative production methods while integrating the most current technologies in lighting. The result of that exploration puts forward honest products that transcend time and place. In pursuit of the visually poetic, inspiration is found in the unexpected and everyday, where light shapes and animates space.
VERPAN—for Verner Panton—is the foremost contemporary custodian of the renowned Danish designer’s story. Founded in 2003, its curated collection of Panton’s lighting and furniture now spans his most celebrated designs and recently unearthed archival pieces. Assembled with utmost care and craft, VERPAN’s selection brings an unparalleled heritage into a new era of life, work and interaction.
Sibast Furniture is a Danish family company with a proud history of wooden furniture making dating back to 1908. Since 2013, the fourth generation has been running Sibast Furniture with the same attention to detail, craftsmanship, and quality as previous generations while also adding new perspectives and creating new design stories. The family company combines respectful reissues and refinements of iconic 1950s Danish Modern furniture with contemporary designs of a timeless appearance in a collection that passes a Danish design heritage on to future generations. Known Danish designers as Arne Vodder, Piet Hein, Kasper Eistrup, Naja Utzon Popov are some of the designers Sibast Furniture are working with.
Sibast Furniture
Skovby furniture is based on ideas of simplicity, functionality and great details. One of the great details is that Skovby only use sustainable wood. Another is a commitment to the original trade. 
Throughout the years, Skovby has educated more than 250 men and women within the field of furniture production. With an inclusive staff policy, a flexible senior policy and a constant flow of around 10 apprentices, Skovby carry core values while also investing in the future. 

Skovby work hard and passionately each day to uphold the traditions of great Danish design. Skovby still produce our furniture locally, in Denmark–strengthening and embracing the know-how and craftsmanship necessary for creating the ultimate the ultimate Danish design piece.
Ultima K is a Danish interior and inventory. Since 2017, the company has championed tailored, high-end interior designs for multiple Danish companies. With its carpentry, exclusive range of architect-designed furniture and network of architects and furniture suppliers, Ultima K can help bring extraordinary interiors to life.
Ultima K
Since 2004 CHAT BOARD has been synonymous with streamlined and multifunctional designs, all specifically developed to inspire and facilitate visual communication in commercial and domestic settings, while celebrating the art of analogue expression. Since the launch of the original magnetic glass board nearly two decades ago, the company has continued to grow and diversify, and the portfolio now comprises a wide range of mutually complementing pieces developed in close collaboration with internationally acclaimed designers. Never compromising on design, quality, or execution, each CHAT BOARD piece is handcrafted and quality-controlled in Denmark, resulting in sustainably manufactured products that are made to last.
The most precious must be water. Without water none of us can exist. Water is one of the most valuable things for humans as well as animals. We are baptized in it, drink it, enjoy it, cool ourselves in it, wash ourselves in it. Water is powerful and must be handled with respect. You cannot always take it for granted.

Frostline products are developed and designed with respect for water. The most life-giving deserves good craftsmanship, thoughts, design and the very best materials. We all depend on water and you can count on Frostline. Right after the nature, Frostline is the second-best source of water - every day, all year round.
At Ocee & Four Design, the belief is held that the furniture designed and spaces filled should enrich and inspire the lives of the organizations and individuals that use them. 
This belief is what drives the company, and it reflects their approach to design and manufacturing. Ocee & Four Design caters to a range of needs, from a single office to a global headquarters, public spaces to co-working spaces, universities to conference halls, canteens to libraries, and from the back office to the front of house. By focusing on the design principles of People, Place, and Purpose, the furniture designed by Ocee & Four Design combines functionality, ingenious design, and a healthy dose of wonder, which turn good spaces into great experiences.
Ocee & Four Design
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