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Pilestræde 65
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HOLMRIS B8 creates room for people. With character. HOLMRIS B8 believes that people need room for both personality and diversity. HOLMRIS B8 chooses from a unique collection of their own furniture designs and the best from 1,000+ suppliers to find the right combination to meet customers’ needs. They follow the latest furniture trends and continually explore tomorrow’s technologies. Front runners of sustainable change As a sales and design company HOLMRIS B8 offers total solutions to Office, Learning, Care and Hospitality, under the core principle of showing consideration for Mother Nature. From production to disposal, recycling, reselling, and donations. This makes them front runners of a sustainable change of the furniture industry.

Join HOLMRIS B8 on a tour of the first 25Hours Hotel in Scandinavia which opened its doors in Copenhagen, March 2022. Visual diversity is a constant feature throughout the new luxury boutique hotel which pays attention to the history of the location as former university. HOLMRIS B8 has supplied all furniture to the 243 rooms, lobby, restaurant, café, bars, and gym. The exhibition is open June 15-17 from 9-11.

Visit our exhibition at
Pilestræde 65 1112 Copenhagen
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