Hobby Flower

Exhibition Award
odd fellow palæet, bredgade 28, 1260 copenhagen
Spanish Embassy
The Odd Fellow Palace
Bredgade 28
Hobby Flower
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Hobby Flower is the leader in hydro-planter technology. The brand was created in 1974 when Adelina Gaspà and Lluis Cabré created the patented self-watering system Hobby Flower. A unique planter, equipped with an exclusive self-watering system that faithfully reproduces the natural habitat of the plants. You fill the water reserve only 4 times a year and get perfect beautiful and healthy plants. The planters are manufactured in Spain with premium materials and the best finishes; a lot of collections with unique designs are available in different materials as stainless steel, stoneware, wood or leather. Specialized in hospitality projects the team gives the best support to create green spaces, from catalogue products to bespoke designs.

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The "Danish Design Makers" DDM is a non-profit association that wants to strengthen professional Danish designers by inviting them to exhibit prototypes to an international audience in search of manufacturers. So far their main focus has been to create international attention, but since 2022 they have had increasing focus on exhibiting in Denmark and it’s the second show in 3daysofdesign. DDM can look back on 9 years with 49 designers, 98 prototypes and 9 exhibitions in Europe, China and America. Antonio Scaffidi, Thomas Albertsen and Øivind Slaatto started the association in 2014 and the culture they want to create is characterized by values such as openness, trust, cooperation and creativity -And their exhibition "inUNION" is about that.
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Hobby Flower

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