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Odd Fellow Palace
Bredgade 28
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The most precious must be water. Without water none of us can exist. Water is one of the most valuable things for humans as well as animals. We are baptized in it, drink it, enjoy it, cool ourselves in it, wash ourselves in it. Water is powerful and must be handled with respect. You cannot always take it for granted. Frostline products are developed and designed with respect for water. The most life-giving deserves good craftsmanship, thoughts, design and the very best materials. We all depend on water and you can count on Frostline. Right after the nature, Frostline is the second-best source of water - every day, all year round.

Other Exhibitions
Made by Hand is a contemporary Danish design brand celebrating fine 
craftsmanship and understated luxury. Founded in 2014 with the vision to develop innovative and durable design objects made by local craftspeople - in Denmark and abroad.
Made by Hand is guided by the passion for natural materials and permanence, - and offers designs with beautiful details and timeless personality for home interiors, offices and liveable spaces.
Made by Hand
SOFTLINE is a leading Danish furniture manufacturer with a proud history in craftsmanship and upholstery. Since 1979, they have specialised in designing, developing, and producing innovative, functional, high-quality furniture. Together with esteemed designers, SOFTLINE strive to bring joy and excellent comfort to public spaces and private homes all over the world. SOFTLINE is a privately owned company rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition, and all their upholstered products are carefully manufactured at the SOFTLINE factory in Denmark.
dk3 is a Danish design furniture company producing exclusive classic and contemporary furniture from acclaimed Danish and international designers. With an uncompromising focus on quality, dk3 creates premium furniture pieces shaped and crafted by true enthusiasts, always with the ambition to unite the finest carpentry traditions with modern and classic interior aesthetics, unceasingly seeking new horizons.
Sølvgade 19 is a small exhibition space run by designer and artist Chris L. Halstrøm as an extension of her studio. The space opened in early 2023 and Chris invites different artists and designers to exhibit their work as well as showcasing her own furniture and artwork.
Sølvgade 19


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