Duus & Møller

Duus & Møller

Exhibition Award
Christian IV Brewhouse, Frederiksholms Kanal 29, 1220 Copenhagen
DDcated Designhub
Christian IV's Brewhouse
Duus & Møller
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Good quality, craftsmanship and Danish production were the key principles that Duus & Møller was founded upon, and the ambition is to keep working by that mantra. The passion for Danish craftsmanship and Danish design is rooted in traditions and a guiding principle to increase the sustainability of the Duus & Møller furniture collection. Duus & Møller collaborates with competent architects and combine Danish craft traditions with new ideas from young, talented cabinetmakers. Duus & Møller furniture is developped with inspiration from classic, Danish design. This is done through minimalistic models made from solid fsc certified wood, handcrafted and cared for with a respect for the rawmaterial. Duus & Møller furniture is made to last.

Duus & Møller exhibits in the historic building of the Lapidarium of Kings in the center of Copenhagen and will be showcasing new models at the 1st floor - go visit, see and touch the natural beauty of the collection. In the Lapidarium of Kings the designhub DDcated is - beyond Duus & Møller - hosting further 52 upcoming brands in the building, pay a visit and experience what's new. There will be a mix of talks, lectures, design pitch and events in the backyard all days during the exhibition.

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Today, the studio research, design and produce their unique, bio-based materials using crafted production techniques and processes. Their materials and processes are used in their own bespoke works that explore the relation between art, science and design, as well as for commissioned projects. 

Previous clients include Noma, Frama, Dinesen, Calvin Klein, Adidas and further.
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Duus & Møller

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