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The Audo
The Audo, Århusgade 130
Århusgade 130
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DURUP is a drape brand and design house curating the finest textiles in the world to dress your home or professional space. The brand aims to work in the intersection of interior and fashion and to bring gorgeous design into the homes of interior lovers.

DURUP is pleased to invite you to our showroom at The Audo in Nordhavnen during 3daysofdesign this summer. During the exhibition DURUP is thrilled to present their first ready-made-curtain collection under the name Al Quoz - a cultural hub founded in the 90's in Dubai. Inspired by the emirates, golden days and dusty desserts, the curtain collection takes a sunkissed design approach by bringing in burned colors and rich materials to the nordic interior lifestyle. DURUP presents three different ready-made-curtains designs easy for anyone to buy, install and enjoy.

Other Exhibitions
Kay Bojesen was a silversmith and a craftsman, more than a designer. As a functionalist, he strived to create aesthetic utensils that function, perform and last. Kay’s ability to think ahead of his time and still stay true to his design values, has resulted in his works becoming Danish design icons.
Today, Bojesen’s legacy is brought forward by his grandchild, Sus Bojesen Rosenqvist, who founded the company in 2011, relaunching the Grand Prix cutlery. The vision has always been to uphold Kay’s mindset of offering everyone the experience of his design.
Kay Bojesen’s heritage is carried on, staying true to his philosophy, simultaneously as adapting the original designs to always stay relevant and sustainable - just like Kay was known to do.
Kay Bojesen
THEM OBJECTS is a collection of hand-crafted furniture and objects conceived and made by the Swedish designer Mia Lagerman, THEM OBJECTS explores new typologies based around classic references and a desire to question perceived truths.

Understated yet expressive, THEM OBJECTS play with proportions and materials, rigorous forms and organic details, to make something joyful and useful.

"Elevate the everyday and frame the exceptional"
Them Objects
ESSE7 is a community built on curated moments and cultural exchanges within design, art, food and music. They work with international talents to introduce worldwide exhibitions, talks, concerts, shows and gatherings.
Founded in 1945 and headquartered in Lammhult, Sweden, Lammhults’ work develops a dialogue between space, materials, history, craft and technology in response to the needs of contemporary living and working. Deeply embedded in design, with a history in modernism, the company has over 75 years of experience in the furniture industry. With a drive for creating meaningful, collaborative and sustainable design, Lammhults develops contemporary furniture for various kinds of spaces – formal and informal meeting places, public spaces and domestic settings.
Space matters and has a strong influence on us. Good design shapes our dwellings and surroundings in ways that are relevant both today and tomorrow.


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