Sølvgade 19

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sølvgade 19, 1307 copenhagen, denmark
Sølvgade 19
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Sølvgade 19 is a small exhibition space run by designer and artist Chris L. Halstrøm as an extension of her studio. The space opened in early 2023 and Chris invites different artists and designers to exhibit their work as well as showcasing her own furniture and artwork.

Desert - exhibition by Chris L. Halstrøm, Line Depping and Jakob Jørgensen. During the past year designers and artists Chris L. Halstrøm, Line Depping and Jakob Jørgensen have travelled in California, Texas and New Mexico especially preoccupied with the vast desert landscapes in the American West. During 3 Days of Design the three artists will exhibit artworks derived from these travels. Chris, Line and Jakob tend to work in each their preffered material; textile, wood and steel and have worked together on several exhibitions in the past. They conduct an ongoing dialogue about being creators and what impact this has on their lives.

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Sølvgade 19

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