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livjægergade 28, copenhagen, denmark
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TIL:VÆRKS is a new exhibition space in Copenhagen. It curates both artistic and methodical investigations in architecture, design and craft. A non-commercial platform for a playful reunion of the professions involved in the shaping of our physical surroundings. Encouraging flirtations with a free artistic approach. By focusing on analogue manifestations, it showcases tangible and sensory spatial experiences. TIL:VÆRKS is located in Østerbro, at the end of the Lakes. It occupies a sunny corner of a transformed laundromat and has been open since February.

TIL:VÆRKS presents a group exhibition focusing on both the spatial qualities of objects and the tactile qualities of space. The selected works showcase architects working with objects as well as designers, artists and craftsmen working with architectural concepts of space, landscape, grids, colour, construction, composition, and balance. The many individual approaches represent the diversity of expression: from refined craftsmanship to the rough treatment of materials. From the ethereal to the massive. From spaces playing with light, to objects glowing in the dark. Works that can enrich and contrast each other. Each exploring space through a wide range of materials including ceramics, textile, wood and metal.

Other Exhibitions
KunstIndustrien value supreme quality, aiming for the highest standards in everything they do. Their handcrafted wax candles combine traditional craftsmanship with modern design, and they never compromise in the choices of raw materials or suppliers. 
KunstIndustrien is known for their exquisite quality products and for Candles you can Trust. Their wide variety of quality candles satisfy every need for an inviting and warm atmosphere for both business and pleasure. KunstIndustriens wax candles are made with RSPO certified stearin and are EN-tested and approved for low soot behavior.  KunstIndustrien supports UNs world goals, show responsibility for safe workplaces and continuously opt for environmentally sustainable solutions when possible.
NORR11 is a Danish design company founded in 2011 with a vision to continuously create design that sparks curiosity. They are driven by the desire to challenge boundaries and barriers between time periods, design directions, cultures and materials. They believe in creating pieces with character, balancing form, function and comfort. The company’s headquarters, design studio and flagship showroom is in the city centre of Copenhagen showcasing the full design universe of NORR11.
Fragtrup Collections is a variation of limited edition furnitures designed and developed by Fragtrup Architects founded by Lasse Fragtrup. The furnitures and objects are designed with philosophy of creating unique pieces with an aesthetic, an artistic perspective. Through the design philosophy of Fragtrup Architects, who constantly work with minimalistic and unique solutions, a gathered design collection will be presented in Fragtrup Collections
Fragtrup Collections
Intarsia Furniture has relaunched a carefully selected range of popular and iconic furniture from Møbelintarsia, which has its roots in the Danish tradition of design and craftsmanship. Møbelintarsia was founded in 1948 by carpenter and furniture designer, Jørgen Aakjær Jørgensen. Today the company is refounded by his granddaughter Nanna Aakjær Svendsen, whose vision is to carry on the legacy of Jørgen Aakjær Jørgensen. Over several generations, Intarsia Furniture has designed stylish, quality furniture that creates homes with elegance. Instead of focusing on individual items or fast trends, the company takes a holistic approach to interior design with a furniture series of high Danish quality.
Intarsia Furniture


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