Rockfon at 3daysofdesign

Everyone can spot brilliant interior design in a heartbeat, but brilliant acoustic design must be experienced. Today, it’s all about healthy, nature inspired buildings with flexible, multipurpose zones and inspiring interiors for thinking, relaxing, and enjoyment. This is where Rockfon comes into play, with over 60 years of perfecting acoustics to create a world that sounds good to everyone. Inspired by the beauty of nature, Rockfon's acoustic solutions bring the wow factor to today’s multipurpose interiors, focusing on human well-being while accelerating sustainability efforts. Rockfon solutions offer the highest sound absorption, specially curated colours, and organic materials to realise the design vision. Sounds beautiful.

Reset Brunch with Dzidra by Rockfon

Jun 14, 2024 - Join us for a special Reset Brunch hosted by Dzidra Café at the Rockfon showroom on the last day of 3daysofdesign. Indulge in Dzidra's delectable offerings including their famous scones, matcha milliecrepes, and a variety of fresh, high-quality foods. Experience the best of Dzidra’s seasonal and locally inspired menu in a stylish, design-centric setting. Celebrate the end of 3daysofdesign with great food, art, and company at the Rockfon flagship showroom.

Crisp Bites & Insights: A Breakfast Situation by Rockfon

Jun 14, 2024 - Stimulating the five senses with Crisp Bites & Insights. Enjoy a crisp breakfast at Rockfon Showroom and immerse into the crisp clarity of sound, the tacticle allure of textures, and the visual harmony of aesthetics to the scent of nature in the modern, colourful acoustic solutions based on the unique powers of stone. Pass by Rockfon Flagship Showroom.

A Live Music Experience at the Waterfront in Nordhavn by Rockfon

Jun 13, 2024 - Imagine a cold refreshment on the urban waterfront at Sundkaj accompanied with a live music performance to set the scene while having the opportunity to explore the power of vulcanic stone in developing exceptional spaces where acoustics and user comfort are placed front and centre with the crisp clarity of sound. All in Rockfon Flagship Showroom. Pass by for refreshments after the Live Panel Discussion by industry experts.

Live Talk with Gensler: "Designing for Tomorrow's Comfort" by Rockfon

Jun 12, 2024 - In Designing for Tomorrow's Comfort Collin Burry, Design Director and Principal at Gensler, focuses on how we can build for two increasingly conflicting objectives: basic human needs and the pressing urgencies of the environment. With over 25 years at Gensler, the London-based designer has worked on workplaces including those of Samsung, Apple, Nike, and Pixar, and transport hubs such as San Francisco International Airport's T2.

Happy hour and DJ set by Mads Bergland by Rockfon

Jun 13, 2024 - Join us for a light refreshment and live music by Mads Bergland, a renowned Danish composer and visual artist. Mads’ compositions blend electronic and acoustic elements, exploring the nexus of nature, human emotion, and the digital age. Enjoy this sensory experience with a selection of fine wines and sparkling beverages.

Live Talk with Zaha Hadid Architects: "Expanding Architectural Boundaries" by Rockfon

Jun 13, 2024 - In Expanding Architectural Boundaries for a Sustainable Tomorrow, Helmut Kinzler, Associate Director and Head of Virtual Reality at Zaha Hadid Architects speaks about milestone projects, research, and the ambitious applicability of the virtual domain to sustainable development. Over his career, he has brazenly been experimenting with emerging technologies and heralding the use of VR as a design tool that can enhance the architectural design process.

Live Panel Discussion: Human Well-being in Interior Spaces and the challenges across IEQ by Rockfon

Jun 13, 2024 - During Thursday, a live panel discussion will take place centered on human well-being in interior spaces, particularly how leading architects and interior designers are tackling contemporary challenges across IEQ to build well and uplift the occupant experience – whether air quality, lighting, acoustics, and access to nature. After the panel discussion, enjoy LIVE music with drinks and networking.