Burel Factory

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Nyt i Bo
Store Kongensgade 88
Burel Factory
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Burel Factory is a Portuguese brand from the mountains of Serra da Estrela. A heritage recovery project that revitalized burel - 100% wool fabric, with ancestral bounds to the region's culture. The brand works as a vertical wool mill, handling the entire transformation process, producing burel, blankets and home-decor pieces as well as acoustic solutions for interiors and architecture. Burel is sustainable, part of it is recycled, and comes from local shepherds who comply with the animal welfare. The production is made under a zero-waste policy, and most is made in ancient looms and finished by hand. The design is bold, colorful and conscious. A Portuguese brand with a mountain culture in its core and contemporary design in its fingertips.

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Nyt i Bo Store Kongensgade 88 1264 Copenhagen
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