Tom Rossau

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frederiksberg allé 5, 1621, copenhagen
Tom Rossau
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Tom Rossau is a Danish design company, with production and showroom in Frederiksberg. Tom Rossau produces lamps in paper, plastic and aluminum, as well as thin birch veneer from sustainable Finnish forestry. The lamps in birch veneer give an absolutely fantastic warm light, which together with the warm glow from the wood itself gives an beautiful and unique atmosphere. With the wide range of pendants, table lamps and floor lamps, you have ample opportunity to find a lamp from Tom Rossau that can fit into exactly your home.

Other Exhibitions
FRAMING is a joint exhibition, and The Odd Fellow Palazzo will once again provide the setting for the event - on all three floors! The impressive structure from the mid-1700s building will offer space indoors and outdoor to 36 exhibiting national and international brands. The curation for FRAMING is based on the creation of different frames of design experience, celebrating craftsmanship, lifestyle and atmosphere by light, art and space. FRAMING is also a meeting point for new creative collaborations between brands and artists within different industries ranging from design, interior and lifestyle. This year marks the fourth edition of FRAMING.
For 3daysofdesign the notable Parade lighting series by Viola Heyn-Johnsen and Jonas Trampedach for HAY, has been reimagined and placed within a spatial context at the designers' showroom. The geometry and versatility of the original lamp is unfolded through abstractions and material translations, creating a celebration of product and space combined.
Jonas Trampedach Studio
Warm Nordic is a Danish design brand anchored in Scandinavian design history. Warm Nordic believe that good design, whether it is iconic design classics or new contemporary designs, radiates the quality, authenticity, and warmth that permeates the Scandinavian design tradition. Warm Nordic boasts a colourful and charming design universe full of personality and encapsulates the Nordic spirit, which in its essence is timeless and inclusive. During this year's 3 Days of Design, Warm Nordic will unveil an exciting new collaboration, launching Fried Egg and Gesture Colour, with the world-renowned Swiss-Argentinian designer, Alfredo Häberli.
Warm Nordic
Since 2004 CHAT BOARD has been synonymous with streamlined and multifunctional designs, all specifically developed to inspire and facilitate visual communication in commercial and domestic settings, while celebrating the art of analogue expression. Since the launch of the original magnetic glass board nearly two decades ago, the company has continued to grow and diversify, and the portfolio now comprises a wide range of mutually complementing pieces developed in close collaboration with internationally acclaimed designers. Never compromising on design, quality, or execution, each CHAT BOARD piece is handcrafted and quality-controlled in Denmark, resulting in sustainably manufactured products that are made to last.
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Tom Rossau

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