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exhibit studio
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The newly established exhibit studio consist of Architect Emilie Allin and Designer Liv Engelbrecht their work started as an investigative practice during their master degree at Spatial Design from the Royal Academy in 2018. Their work is characterized by stretching through scales and insisting on a strong focus on materiality. They aim to challenge the bounderies between architecture, design and crafts and believe they find new understandings of their work when crossing other professional fields. exhibit studio’s material gaze upon a wide range of scales is a source to find unexplored places, answers to abstract theoretical ideas and specific tools to develop their work. This to be experienced in the exhibition STACKS - SPATIAL SENTENCES!

Come and experience the exhibition STACKS! The multi-diciplinary design-studio Exhibit Studio explores the idea of a shape alphabet; Where objects have the ability to speak on their own through shape and materiality - as vowels and consonants that creates the experience of spatial sentences.

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exhibit studio

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