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June 3, 2022

Sign Up for The 3daysofdesign Kick-off Cocktail Party

Join us on June 14th for the 3daysofdesign opening party at Museo Club, Lille Kongensgade 16 in central Copenhagen.

RSVP below for yourself and your team.

June 3, 2022

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May 12, 2022

3daysofdesign Exhibitor Workshop

Watch a recap of this year's VIP workshop at 25Hours Hotel.

In preparation for the 2022 festival, Signe Terenziani and the 3daysofdesign team welcomed guests to a workshop at the newly opened 25hours Hotel located beside the Round Tower in the heart of Copenhagen

3daysofdesign Hub
25hours Hotel will serve as the community hub during the festival days. Our VIP guests will also call the hotel home during their visit. 

Drinks on the Terrace
Our media partner, Bo Bedre, will host a pop-up editorial space at 25hours Hotel and will invite guests to join for drinks on the terrace at 6 o’clock daily from June 15-17.

VIP Tours
This year there will be five VIP tours with 25 guests each. The VIP groups will visit up to seven brands per day during the festival. The 3daysofdesign team have been working hard to piece this big puzzle together to curate unforgettable festival tours.

During the workshop we discussed the proposed plans for each VIP tour to ensure a good flow for each tour day, to satisfy both the visitors’ and the brands’ needs, and to ultimately provide a memorable tour experience with plenty of stories to share after the event.

The VIP tours guestlist was also a topic of discussion at the workshop, where everyone was encouraged to comment and share their ideas.

Thanks to our Collaborators
We’re thankful for the dynamic conversations and insights shared by our workshop guests. We’re looking forward to a fantastic festival ahead! 

May 12, 2022

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May 11, 2022

Everybody loves it when you make an extra effort.

3daysofdesign talked to Barbara Læssøe Stephensen, co-writer of the book ’Sæt Scenen’ - Kunsten at Kuratere Live Events’. (Set the Stage - the Art of Curating Live Events) This is her best advice on the perfect event and how you plan and execute it:

“Will anyone show up? Will the right people show up? How do I make sure that my guests are happy and that they remember my event when the competition is so massive?” These are some of the questions that might result in sleepless nights. The thing is that events can be expensive, and if you get nothing out of them, it will be a sad waste of both time and money.

BarbaraLæssøe Stephensen has a degree in rhetoric and has for the last two years been director at the art museum Sophienholm Kunsthal outside Copenhagen. She has extensive experience hosting and planning events and is the co-writer of the book ‘Sæt Scenen’ (Set the Stage). Her co-writer Lise Bach Hansen and her, have participated in everything from TED Talks and the World Economic Forum in Davos, to receptions and events like the opening of the Chanel Flagship Store inCopenhagen to examine what works and what does not work when planning and hosting an event.

“Lise’s skill is dramaturgy, and mine is public speaking, and it’s concepts and tools from these worlds that you use when you prepare and execute events. A lot of the advice is ancient, and some that Aristoteles and Shakespeare could havegiven us, but they are nonetheless worth remembering,” she explains.

Here is Barbara’s list of 14 tips and tricks to ensure your event will be a success:

 1. The most important advice, which is also profoundly buried in the world of rhetoric, is that there must be a reason for the event. If the only reason is the occasion of 3daysofdesign, you are not going anywhere.

 2. No-one will feel that they got anything out of your event if your only goal was to gather people. Take a step back and remember that an occasion is not the same as a purpose.  

 3. Consider why you are part of 3daysofdesign. What do you want the guests to take home with them? It’s not enough that you want to sell something or increase the awareness of your brand. That is not a real purpose.

 4. What do you want your guests to get from the event? Do you want to make them love your company? Do you want them to get to know you for the first time? Do you want them to discover you? Do you want them to be loyal instead of just knowing you?Do you want them to have fun? Do you want them to change their opinion about you due to a change of course or a recent crisis? What do you want?

 5. Imagine yourself picking up the phone and calling your guests to invite them personally. What reason to attend would you give them?  

 6. Use the chiasmus model. Draw a huge cross on a piece of paper. On one side, you list all the conventional things you can come up with - all the stuff that usually characterises an event. On the other side of the cross, you list things that could break conventions.It does not mean that you must break all the traditions to create a successful event. But because the guests are familiar with the typical ways, it will make an impression if you challenge just a few patterns. Could you serve somethingelse than white wine? Should you have the event early in the morning? It’s striking how almost everybody unconsciously does the same things.

7. Remember that the things you do have to relate to your premise. Or the great question: what is it that I want? If you want the guests to perceive your furniture as design classics, it would make sense to hire an opera singer. Butan opera singer could also be a peculiar and meaningless feature. All the choices you make—especially when you challenge the conventions—must relate to the relationship you want to have with your guests.  

 8. Remember to have a host. The host is the one who takes the guests by their hands, puts into words what happens and argues the choices that have been made. It’s also the host that gathers people, makes the toast, and says how happy you are, and why you are so glad that so many showed up. Remember to explain what's on your mind and what you want with the guests.  

 9. Remember that everybody loves it when you make an extra effort. If you are invited to a party where the cocktails match the overall theme or attend a wedding where the speeches are relevant. Where all the flowers have been chosen because they symbolise the time of year when the couple met. When the hosts have considered all the small details. Parties like that are the ones you remember.  

 10. Remember to pay attention to small details. That is what we can learn from the theatre; none of the props on stage are random. All the props on stage have significance to the plot—the same should count for any event.

 11. Remember that your event starts before it starts. The event begins when your potential guests hear about it for the first time.  

 12. Remember the importance of the invitation phase. This is when you must communicate whatever you find necessary to the people you want to show up to at the event.Maybe you should send them an e-mail? Perhaps a handwritten letter would be better? Should you send unique invitations to the VIPs? Should you call them to make sure that they show up? At the time of the actual event, it will all be too late.

 13. Remember to do a follow up after the event. Write to all the people that showed up and tell them that you were happy to see them. Make sure to hire a photographer to take pictures that you can use after the event. By doing that, it’s possible to send a signal to those not showing up and make them want to come to your nextevent.

 14. Remember that there is a lot you can do to improve your event's chances of success. It is not enough to spend a lot of money. Creative ideas are free but they demand time and preparation.  

May 11, 2022

Alle elsker noget, der er gennemtænkt

3daysofdesign har talt med Barbara Læssøe Stephensen, der er medforfatter til bogen ’Sæt Scenen. Kunsten at kuratere live-events’. Her får du hende bedste råd til, hvordan du planlægger og afvikler det gode event.

Kommer der nogen? Er det de rigtige, der kommer? Hvordansørger jeg for, at mine gæster er glade og husker mit event, når konkurrencen er så stor? Nogle af de mange spørgsmål, der kan give mange søvnløse nætter.For det kan være ganske bekosteligt at afholde events, og hvis man ikke får noget ud af det, så er det både et ærgerligt spild af tid og penge.  

Barbara Læssøe Stephensen er uddannet retorikker og har gennem de seneste par år været direktør for Sophienholm Kunsthal. Hun har stor erfaring i at afholde forskellige typer events og er medforfatter til bogen ’Sæt Scenen’.  Hun og hendes medforfatter Lise Bach Hansen, deltog gennem et par år i alt fra Ted Talks og World Economic Forum i Davos til receptioner og Chanel-butikkens åbnings event i København, forat finde ud af, hvad der virker, og hvad der ikke virker, når man skal planlægge og afholde et event.  

”Lises fag er dramaturgi og mit er retorik, og det er greb fra de verdener, man bruger, når man forbereder og afholder events. Mange af rådene er oldgamle og nogle, som Aristoteles og Shakespeare lige så godt kunnehave givet os, men de er alligevel værd at huske,” forklarer hun.

Her har du hendes huskeliste med 14 tips og tricks til at sikre, at dit event bliver en succes.

1. Det vigtigste råd, som også ligger dybt begravet i retorikken, er at man skal have en mening med at holde et event. Hvis grunden til at afholde et event kun er, at der er en anledning fx, at der er 3daysofdesign, så er man i virkeligheden ikke kommet nogen vegne.

2. Det er ingen, der kommer til at føle, at de har fået et udbytte af dit event, hvis det eneste, du vil med det, er at være til stede. Træd et skridt tilbage. Husk, at en anledning ikke er det samme som et formål.

3. Hvorfor skal du være med til 3daysofdesign? Hvad er det duhar på hjerte, som du syntes er vigtigt, at andre tager til sig? Det er heller ikke nok, at du har noget, du gerne vil sælge, eller at du gerne vil øgekendskabet til dit brand. Det er ikke et ægte formål.

4. Hvad er det du vil med dem, der kommer? Vil du have, at de skal elske dig? Vil du have, at de skal lære dig at kende for første gang? Vi du bare opdages? Vil du have at de skal være loyale over for dig i stedet for bare at kende dig? Vil du have, at de skal have det sjovt for dermed forbinde dig med det? Vil du have, at de skal ændre mening om dig, fordi du har æret i krise eller har foretaget et kursskifte? Hvad er det, du vil dem?

5. Forestil dig, at du skal tage telefonen og ringe til dine gæster og invitere dem personligt. Hvad ville du så sige grunden var til det? Hvad er dit argument?  

6. Brug kiasme-modellen. Sæt et stort kryds på et stykke papir. På den ene side af papiret laver du en liste med alle de ting, du kan komme i tanke om, som er konventionelle – alle de ting, der plejer at kendetegne et event? På den anden side af krydset skriver du ting, som måske kunne bryde de konventioner. Det betyder ikke, at du skal bryde alle konventioner, men når gæsterne kender konventionerne, så vil de huske det, hvis nogle af dem bliver brudt. Så hvor du det være spændende og relevant at gøre det. Skal der værehelt mørkt i det rum, hvor de skal se produktet? Skal vi lægge det om aftenen eller tidligt om morgenen? Skal vi finde på noget andet end hvidvin eller bobler? Det er slående, at der er så mange, der laver det helt ens.

7. Husk, at de tiltag du laver, skal kunne relatere sig tilbage til din præmis - det store spørgsmål: hvad er det jeg vil? Hvis du gerne vil have gæsterne til at opfatte dine møbler som klassikere, så kan det være fint at invitere en operasanger. Men det kan jo også være meningsløst.Alle de valg du træffer især, når du vælger at bryde konventioner skal relatere sig til, hvad det er for en relation, du gerne vil opbygge til dine gæster.

8. Husk, at der skal være en vært til stede. Værten er den, der skal tage gæsterne i hånden og sætte ord på de ting, der sker og argumentere for de valg, der er taget. Det er også værten, der kan samle folk, slå på glasset og sige ikke bare, at I er glade for, at gæsterne er der, men også hvorfor I er glade for, at de er der. Husk, at forklare, hvad I har på hjerte og hvad, det er, I gerne vil med gæsterne.

9. Husk, at alle elsker noget, der er gennemtænkt. Hvis duer til en fest, hvor drinksene passer til det tema, der er for festen, eller duer til et bryllup, hvor talerne er relevante, hvor der er tænkt over, at blomsterne er helt særlige, fordi de præcis afspejler det tidspunkt, hvorparret mødte hinanden. Når der er tænkt over de små detaljer, der samler det hele, så gør det et helt andet indtryk på os.

10. Husk, at tænke over detaljerne. Det er det, man kan læreaf teateret, hvor der aldrig er noget på scenen, der er tilfældigt. Der er aldrig en rekvisit med på scene, der ikke har betydning for handlingen. Detsamme burde gælde til enhver event.

11. Husk, at dit event ikke først går i gang på selve dagen kl.16, eller hvornår det nu måtte være. Eventen starter den dag, dine potentielle gæster hører om det første gang.

12. Husk invitationsfasen, hvor du skal have kommunikeret det ud, du gerne vil til dem, du gerne vil have kommer til dit event. Skal du sende en e-mail? Skal du sende et håndskrevet brev? Skal du sende særligeinvitationer til dem, du rigtig gerne vil have til at komme? Skal du ringerundt for at sikre dig, at der overhovedet kommer nogen. På selve dagen kl. 16er det for sent at reparere på det.

13. Husk at følge op bagefter. Skriv til dem, du så var der, og sig at du er glad for, at de kom. Få taget nogle gode billeder, som I kan bruge i markedsføringen bagefter, så du kan signalere til alle dem, der ikke kom, at det skulle de tage at gøre næste år.

14. Husk, at du selv kan gøre meget for, at dit event blivervellykket, og at det ikke nødvendigvis bliver bedre af, at du bruger en masse penge. Den gode idé koster ikke noget, men kræver forberedelse.

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May 9, 2022

Lego Serious Play - Workshop

Watch a recap of our Lego Workshop with Per Kristiansen

May 9, 2022

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March 25, 2022

Kick-off meeting 25 March

Watch or rewatch this years kick-off meeting.

March 25, 2022

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March 21, 2022

Press material

What we are asking for:

  1. Additional Images
  2. Press release

Additional images
You can optionally provide us with additional images for your exhibitor page. If you upload more than 25 we will select the 25 best images to feature on the website.

Press release
If you want visitors to be able to download a press release, please provide a finished and designed PDF. The PDF will be directly accessible as a downloadable file via your exhibitor page.

March 21, 2022

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February 28, 2022

New Dates

Denmark’s annual design festival, 3daysofdesign, will now take place on the 15th — 17th of June 2022. So save the date!

There have been numerous changes to the calendar of international design events. Consequently, many of our exhibitors, the global press, and dealers have reached out to say that they wouldn’t want to miss the exhibits, events, talks, and activities that we have planned for 3daysofdesign.

We believe that everyone in the industry should care enough about each other to give each other space. And we’re always listening to our design community of people as passionate about design as we are.

Since you can’t be in two places at once … To make sure that the dates for our festival don’t coincide with any other festival, we hope you’ll join us in Copenhagen for the new date: from the 15th – 17th of June.

Last year we welcomed editors, journalists, bloggers, and design aficionados from 30 different nationalities. Resulting in over 350 articles and exposure in more than 125 publications.

To help increase your brand visibility and to showcase your products, we’ve optimized our website and app for easier access to your brand sub-page and dedicated event.

You will also have the opportunity to host workshops, design talks, networking events, and more involving industry professionals, such as architects, retailers, dealers, manufacturers, and the like. As well as the global press.

We are committed to finding meaningful ways of working together, supporting each other, and broadening the experience of great new design – live and online.

As always, we are incredibly grateful to all our loyal companies who continue to make 3daysofdesign a reality.

Should you have any questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

February 28, 2022

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January 18, 2022

Thank you for being part of 3daysofdesign 2022

We are pleased to welcome you and we look forward to a great collaboration.

As a participating exhibitor, you are now able to upload all of your marketing materials via your members account page. You can also edit and update your contact details, brand description, social media links and event locations.

Upload your images and press release
Click Upload images in the sidebar. You can upload as many images and PDF's as you want. Please note, that if uploading several images it is recommended that you create a ZIP archive first of all the images, and then simply upload the zip.

Please provide us with all the necessary images and press releases before 1st of March 2021.

If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at digital@3daysofdesign.dk

Best regards,
Team 3daysofdesign

January 18, 2022

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