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søtorvet 1, 1371, copenhagen
uno form
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Ever since Danish designer Arne Munch designed the original Classic kitchen in 1968, uno form has been dedicated to crafting bespoke kitchens. With no compromise. Arne Munch’s passion for bespoke craftsmanship, simple and functional design and an uncompromising approach to aesthetics still lives on in everything that we do. With respect for the aesthetics of the design and our Nordic design heritage, the Classic, Copenhagen and Avantgarde collections have now been relaunched in white ash. The design is peerless Nordic minimalism – with a small but extraordinary twist: the varnish adds an almost invisible filter to the wood, protecting the bright, silky look you’ll love at first sight. The discreet coating means that the kitchen will retain this first impression and its beautiful colour tones for many years to come.

Other Exhibitions
Sculptural objects for the home. 

Caché is a selection of sculptural objects designed to elevate what you treasure most. Tied to the universe of books. Designed with simplicity, honesty and pure aesthetics in mind.

Integrating so seamlessly with the cultured home, every Caché object almost appears to be hiding in plain sight. Whatever your treasured books and magazines may be, they now have striking sculptural companions that never fail to feature a useful detail or function.

Crafted using only the finest materials available. With the ambition to create a collection that lasts a lifetime.

- Designed by Signe Hytte
Caché x New Mags
LE KLINT’s origins date back to the beginning of the 20th century, when architect and civil engineer P.V. Jensen-Klint folded the first hand-pleated lampshade for a kerosene lamp that he had designed. Since the establishment of LE KLINT in 1943, the design company has focused on excellent craftsmanship and on retaining production in Odense. Over the years, the LE KLINT collection has been designed by well-known architects and new designers, and consists of traditional and modern lamps, sold all over the world.
Anno Studio was founded in 2021 by the people behind We Do Wood. They have a vision to relaunch older design classics in a sustainable and updated design. The idea came from a desire to relaunch the iconic furniture Series 600 by Friis & Moltke - originally known from schools, conference rooms, and canteens. The close combination of beautiful design and sustainability is the foundation of Anno Studio. Every part of the production focuses on sustainability. They recycle and upcycle materials without compromising on quality. With focus on circular economy, all material has been carefully considered. Anno Studio only use FSC-certified wood and when possible they use residual wood.
Anno Studio
You want a space of your own, a place for your thoughts, your ideas and your words. LINTEX manufactures writing boards for schools and offices but bring to this a stringency and subtlety like a well-developed fashion line. They add style and design expertise in a world in which aesthetics have, for years, taken a back seat. Whiteboards, office screens and sound absorbers have been the anonymous carthorses of schools and conference premises. LINTEX have changed all that, aiming to surprise and challenge the image of what a writing board can be.

uno form

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