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Refshalevej 171C, 1432 Copenhagen, Denmark
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Ukurant is an exhibition platform and creative community for young designers. Ukurant celebrates experimental approaches to craft, material and tradition, lending young designers a platform to present their work and push the boundaries of the established design scene. In 2021 Ukurant won “Exhibition of the Year” during 3daysofdesign and in 2020 the exhibition 'Ukurant Objects' received recognition from The Danish Arts Foundation stating: “A power performance of an exhibition that can hopefully shake the dust off all of us – and give courage to step outside the neatly tuned paths that may be beautiful and safe but can go in circles: out into unknown terrain and into the future”. Ukurant is founded by young designers for young designers.

During 3daysofdesign you are invited to the third edition of Ukurant as they open the 2023 exhibition. With an intriguing and carefully curated selection of experimental design, Ukurant gathers young talents from around the world and will once again contribute with new perspectives on the design scene. With seducing tactilities and expressions, Ukurant showcases furniture and interior related objects that question conventions. Striving to link the established scene with the new generation of young designers, Ukurant invites for a discussion about production, new materials and common notions within commercial design.

Other Exhibitions
For 3daysofdesign the notable Parade lighting series by Viola Heyn-Johnsen and Jonas Trampedach for HAY, has been reimagined and placed within a spatial context at the designers' showroom. The geometry and versatility of the original lamp is unfolded through abstractions and material translations, creating a celebration of product and space combined.
Jonas Trampedach Studio
Luna Collection & AnalogTime: Luna is our Indoor & outdoor lighting collection shown for the first time in Copenhagen. Featuring a minimal and modern design, in solid or laminated hardwood and stainless steel all with touch-sensitive controls. The collection features up to 55 hours of warm and engaging portable light. 

AnalogTime is minimal & modern design, imagination, + the infinite creative opportunities of 3D printing. AnalogTime empowers buyers to create and configure their own "limited edition" timepiece. In each creation, we blend traditional watchmaking and advanced 3D technology. AnalogLab is a multidisciplinary studio in Milan, Italy; founded by Thomas Lehman, specializing in furniture, lighting, accessory, and product design.
For a long time, Bernstorffsminde has been a trusted subcontractor for several famous Danish design masterpieces. They have also introduced their range of classic furniture designs by Børge Mogensen and Søren Holst. Bernstorffsminde plan to expand its collection by adding more products and designers, which will be showcased at the 3daysofdesign exhibition this year.
The family-owned Montana Furniture has provided personalised storage solutions and furniture since 1982. The Danish high-end furniture company was established by Peter J. Lassen, who also created the modular Montana System. Today, the company is run by Peter’s son Joakim Lassen, the fifth generation of his family to work with furniture and the great-grandson of manufacturer Fritz Hansen. 

All Montana modules are designed, developed and made in Denmark. The Montana System carry the Danish Indoor Climate Label, and the company was one of the first furniture brands in Europe to hold the official European certification EU Ecolabel.
Montana Furniture


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