Them Objects

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værnedamsvej 3b, 1819 frederiksberg, denmark
Them Objects
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THEM OBJECTS is a collection of hand-crafted furniture and objects conceived and made by the Swedish designer Mia Lagerman, THEM OBJECTS explores new typologies based around classic references and a desire to question perceived truths. Understated yet expressive, THEM OBJECTS play with proportions and materials, rigorous forms and organic details, to make something joyful and useful. "Elevate the everyday and frame the exceptional"

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Minimalistic shapes, earthy colours and a wide collection for the sophisticated home.
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Furniture ought to make room for people. That has been the philosophy since 1942, when FDB Møbler was founded, with architect Børge Mogensen heading up the studio. Many new designers have since entered the fold, but the foundational principles remain the same: To create beautiful, functional and exceptionally crafted furniture that makes room for everyday living at home. FDB Møbler is internationally known as a frontrunner of Danish design. It’s a story of classic pieces to be passed down from generation to generation. Regardless of whether they are talking about iconic pieces or new, innovative designs, the goal is the same: To have the veritable quality of life that was envisioned when the first pieces of furniture emerged in 1942.
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Natural Material Studio is a Danish cross-disciplinary design company that drives toward changing our collective understanding and relation to materials. To do so, the studio works from a renewable and circular point of view, with both science, biology, technology, design and art as the building blocks, to create the new normal for sustainable living. 

Today, the studio research, design and produce their unique, bio-based materials using crafted production techniques and processes. Their materials and processes are used in their own bespoke works that explore the relation between art, science and design, as well as for commissioned projects. 

Previous clients include Noma, Frama, Dinesen, Calvin Klein, Adidas and further.
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Them Objects

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