Surface Design Studio

Surface Design Studio

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Surface Design Studio
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Surface Design Studio is a Showroom - 50m from the HQ of 3daysofdesign - that features Italian porcelain stoneware of stunning beauty and an unrivalled choice of superior technical performance. More than 150 designs are showcased on walls, floors and furniture to inspire designers and architects working on national, as well as international projects for indoor and outdoor spaces, like bathrooms, kitchens and facades. The possibilities are endless with big slabs measuring up to 1.5mx3.0m. Ensuring sustainability and energy conservation at every level, all of Surface Design Studio's award-winning porcelain stoneware is light on the planet and made from 40% recyclable materials. Welcome to Surface Design Studio where ideas become reality.

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with an exciting mix of contemporary designs will be at one of Denmark’s most unique locations, the museum of the Lapadarium of Kings in the heart of Copenhagen.
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From worthless waste to circular office design. 

Triboo supply everything that is needed to furnish an office in a healthy, circular manner with a low CO2 footprint. The identity of the organisation is the starting point for the design, production and delivery. Triboo make the circular economy and waste-free society visible to everyone in the interior in a high-profile manner.

Our circular furniture is made of waste. With a lot of creativity and engineering, natural fibres and plastics from waste streams are upcycled into high-profile forms. All our products meet the highest standards of design, quality and circularity.
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Carpe Diem Beds’ luxurious beds are made by hand in Sweden, with a focus on quality, comfort, and sustainability. A great day starts the night before – which is why a bed from Carpe Diem Beds contains patented sleep solutions for maximum comfort. Carpe Diem Bed’s dream is that your bed becomes an integral part of your life, providing years of restful sleep and aesthetic pleasure, in a bed so comfortable that you never want to leave.
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Enjoy and bid! The online auction house is participating at 3daysofdesign with a sustainable and cool summer decoration of the beloved hotspot La Banchina. This bar and restaurant is located on the waterfront at Refshaleøen, which this year will be the festival's epicenter for new trends in sustainable and circular design. With the project, wants to inspire the guests to think about recycling and circularity of their own interior and exterior spaces. It would be a simple and expressive way to leave a sustainable mark in the homes or workplaces for the benefit of our climate.

Surface Design Studio

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