Sami Kallio Studio

Sami Kallio Studio

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Sami Kallio Studio
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At Sami Kallio Studio, man and machine both play a leading role in creating new objects. The design process typically starts by crafting full-scale models in the studio workshop. In the product traditional craftsmanship and hypermodern industrial simplicity meet with quirky details giving the finished objects a particular character. The characteristic details emerge through unexpected meetings of materials and traditional craftsmanship techniques such as plywood moulding and woodturning. Sami Kallio Studio was founded in Gothenburg Sweden by Finnish master carpenter and designer (MFA) Sami Kallio in 2011. The studio has created furniture pieces for &Tradition, Fredericia, Gemla, and Northern among others.

Objects On The Table! These projects has been all about a change in scale and materials. Transitioning from furniture to objects on smaller scale has been an intriguing experience. Exploring new materials beyond wood has enabled me to expand my creative boundaries and uncover new design possibilities. I saw this undertaking as an avenue to widen my proficiency as a designer. In this exhibition I have chosen to show works in silver, porcelain, cast iron and wood. Designhuset FREDERIKSGADE 1, Welcome to the 3 floor

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Sami Kallio Studio

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