Nina Nørgaard

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Kristianiagade 14a
Nina Nørgaard
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Nina Nørgaard is an artist and designer working with glass. After studying mouth blown and sculpted glass with masters in Paris, Venice, and San Francisco, she graduated from Kosta School of Glass in Sweden in 2010. Nina’s deep familiarity with the more technical aspects of glass design gives her design a quality of craftsmanship, which lifts her work to a level of its own. Nina Nørgaard has a deep respect for function and quality, which has led to commissioned works in fashion, gastronomy, design and for several luxury brands. At the same time Nina continually explores the seemingly endless creative possibilities offered by glass in a vibrant, wavy and organic universe.

Thursday from 1.30 to 6 PM and Friday from 10 AM to 6 PM Nina Nørgaard opens her studio and offers a sneak peak at her new collection for the autumn of 2022.

Visit our exhibition at
Kristianiagade 14a 2100 Copenhagen
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Nina Nørgaard

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