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Audo House, Århusgade 130, 2150 Copenhagen, Denmark
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MENU has always been fascinated by the way in whichindividuals and spaces can be united through great design.In our pursuit to craft furniture, lighting and interioraccessories shaped by purposeful details, high-qualitymaterials and human needs, they create strong and lastingrelations between designers, manufacturers and customers. The sense of community that results from this union of like-minded individuals fosters a deeper sense of belonging– and products that stand the test of time, inviting human connection, inspiration and experimentation to push the boundaries of modern design. MENU truly believe that when you work collectively, we achieve more than we do individually.

For 3daysofdesign, MENU's classic and contemporary furniture designs that decorate the space, are swathed in an eclectic mix of upholstery fabrics by Dedar, Christian Lacroix (by Designers Guild) and Kelly Wearstler, among others. Audo’s network of partners – including Sørensen Leather, St. Leo, August Sandgren, Brandt Collective, Durup, Geberit and Kolon – will showcase their finishing touches to a revitalised Audo House, a creative destination that reflects our collaborative spirit as a hub for powerful ideas and community.

Other Exhibitions
Kriskadecor creates fully customisable projects with aluminium links,
providing architects and interior designers with a wide range of solutions:
space dividers, wallcoverings, ceiling features, lighting elements, cladding, or any other unique structure you can imagine. The versatility and lightness of the material allow the customisation in colour, shape, and size of any structure. They can also reproduce text, images, and patterns thanks to in-house technology and extensive finishings palette. The products are produced from start to finish in their facilities. The technical department accompanies the customers throughout the process to ensure that their idea translates into the optimal outcome.
Dornbracht & Alape is a leading specialist for superior designer fittings and accessories for bathrooms, spa’s, and kitchens.

They only use the best in materials and technology, and the products are designed for the next generations. As a commitment to standards of quality, the production remains in Europe, primarily in the original location in Germany. 

Dornbracht & Alape strive every day to meet the highest expectations. They believe that small details make a difference. The products are the result of a combination of the best materials, technical expertise, advanced production technology and exclusive craftsmanship. 
It must be emphasized that all materials used perform to the highest requirements regarding environmental certification.
FRAMING is a joint exhibition, and The Odd Fellow Palazzo will once again provide the setting for the event - on all three floors! The impressive structure from the mid-1700s building will offer space indoors and outdoor to 36 exhibiting national and international brands. The curation for FRAMING is based on the creation of different frames of design experience, celebrating craftsmanship, lifestyle and atmosphere by light, art and space. FRAMING is also a meeting point for new creative collaborations between brands and artists within different industries ranging from design, interior and lifestyle. This year marks the fourth edition of FRAMING.
TABLEAU is a multidisciplinary studio, working with full spatial designs, art exhibitions, product design, and botanicals. It was founded in 2018 by Creative Director, Julius Værnes Iversen, and is located in a 19th century building in Copenhagen. The studio collaborate primeraly with people who work in the grey zone between art, design, and architecture, to get an interesting and varied result.
TABLEAU creates new and innovative interior projects, and work with both upcoming and established artists from all over the world, when having exhibitions, creating full interior projects or collaborating on different design objects. 

TABLEAU will be showcasing Finnish furniture from VAARNI and a collaboration with the Poul Gernes Foundation.
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