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alice folker gallery, esplanaden 14, copenhagen, denmark
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Kinship is an interdisciplinary exhibition project - created for 3daysofdesign 2023 - based on a dialogue between designer Birgitte Due Madsen, architect Anne Dorthe Vester and curator Henriette Noermark Andersen. The three established practices are unified aesthetically and linguistically in this group exhibition based on a sentiment that the often overlooked or unequivocal invisible collaborations, in which all designers, architects and curators are involved, raise the level of both single and serial works. The dialogue is based on selected new existing objects by Birgitte Due Madsen and Anne Dorthe Vester, and will lead to the development of a series of joint works with a clear Kinship to their existing portfolio.

The exhibition at Alice Folker Gallery finds kinship between the curated works by designer Birgitte Due Madsen and architect Anne Dorthe Vester, which is the point of departure for a series of new works created in collaboration with curator Henriette Noermark. With elements from and aesthetical nods to Birgitte Due Madsen’s Lucid Chair, Neon Cast and Breton Cubes and Anne Dorthe Vester’s Kilen and Vitrine, the series is a collection of handmade furniture consisting of terrazzo bases in combination with seats of light slat wooden structures. The exhibition highlights the often overlooked, invisible collaborations that all designers, architects and curators take part in, and which raise the level of individual and serial works alike.

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