Kay Bojesen

Exhibition Award
Nikolaj Plads 7
Kay Bojesen
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Kay Bojesen was a silversmith and a craftsman, more than a designer. As a functionalist, he strived to create aesthetic utensils that function, perform and last. Kay’s ability to think ahead of his time and still stay true to his design values, has resulted in his work becoming Danish design icons. Today, Bojesen’s legacy is brought forward by his grandchild, Sus Bojesen Rosenqvist, who founded the company in 2011, relaunching the Grand Prix cutlery. The vision has always been to uphold Kay’s mindset of offering everyone the experience of his design. Kay Bojesen’s heritage is carried on, staying true to his philosophy, simultaneously as adapting the original designs to always stay relevant and sustainable - just like Kay was known to do.

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Nikolaj Plads 7 København 1067
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