House of Nordic Design ApS

House of Nordic Design ApS

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Refshalevej 169F, 1432 Copenhagen, Denmark
House of Nordic Design ApS
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NoDe. Contemporary Nordic Design - The Next Generation. As part of House of Nordic Design, NoDe is an exhibition and international platform showcasing the best of Scandinavian design, beginning with 3daysofdesign 2023. House of Nordic Design is a commercial platform and community of contemporary Scandinavian design. Founded in Copenhagen by Natalia Sánchez, interior designer and curator, House of Nordic Design offers a new approach to the design market with the designer in focus. They provide a direct link between designers and their work and clients worldwide. The aim is to promote and support emerging designers by offering our knowledge and insight into the global design market by advising as well as communication and sales.

House of Nordic Design wants to show the world what Denmark and later the Nordic countries has to offer of renewing, original, comtemporary design, art and craftmanship. The theme of the exhibition NoDe this year is based on the relationship between the artist and nature. If your interested and curious to see new nordic design, the next generation come to Reffen and visit the extraordinary exhibition held on a barge in the harbour of Copenhagen.

Other Exhibitions
A designhub with a passion for architecture, design and furniture and 
with an exciting mix of contemporary designs will be at one of Denmark’s most unique locations, the museum of the Lapadarium of Kings in the heart of Copenhagen.
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Positioned at the point where the beauty of history meets the thrill of right now, GUBI is the creative force and curator behind the world’s most extraordinary design from the 20th century onwards. Whether diving into archives or driving the designs of today, GUBI is responsible for a timeless, inventive, and intercontinental collection of furniture, lighting and interior objects that merge function with meaning, enhancing every space. As well as rediscovering and reintroducing lost treasures of design history for the present generation, GUBI collaborates with a hand-picked global roster of visionary design studios to create icons for tomorrow.
FROST was founded on June 1st, 2002 by Hans Jørgen Frost. The story began with a vision of creating a new generation of interior design accessories and architectural hardware where the Danish design tradition and functionality go hand in hand.

Over the past 20 years, FROST has grown into something unimagined. Proudly joining the inner circle of established design companies, FROST now dares to dream of becoming the market leader. Working tirelessly every day, consistently providing timeless designs to compliment the consumers lifestyle and enhance the feel-good factor in their life.
FROST Denmark
Danish design owes a great debt to the Copenhagen Carpenters’ Guild, Københavns Snedkerlaug, founded in 1554 and still, after 469 years, supporting local craft based on the pillars of longevity, local production, handcraft and technology. For the second time, Københavns Snedkerlaug will be part of 3daysofdesign under the title “Carpentry Craft”. The guild exhibition showing unique pieces by master craftsmen, as well as work from Final Exams and apprentices and more established makers, will be held in the Moltke's Mansion, an impressive Baroque building in the center of Copenhagen.
Københavns Snedkerlaug
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House of Nordic Design ApS

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