Hempel Glasmuseum

Hempel Glasmuseum

Hempel Glasmuseum
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Hempel Glass Prize 2022 Each year the Hempel Kulturfond, who runs the Hempel Glass Museum in the Odsherred Region, awards the Hempel Glass Prize to a Danish glass artist who has shown a particularly innovative approach to glass in his or her work. The prize is 100.000 DKK. The announcement of the winner will take place during the 3DaysofDesign at the Hempel Mansion in Amaliegade 8 for an invited audience.

The announcement of the Glass Prize Winner 2022 will take place during the 3DaysofDesign at the Hempel Mansion in Amaliegade 8 for an invited audience on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday offers a display of the winner’s works, artist meeting and tasting of champagne from glass champagne shoes.

Other Exhibitions
Magnus Olesen develops and manufactures high quality furniture in cooperation with leading designers and architects. The result is a functional, aesthetic and unique design that enhances the spaces where it’s placed – whether it’s in smaller interiors or for large conceptual architectural purposes. The company was founded in 1937 with a strong belief in Danish craftsmanship ever since. Durability and quality are core values in Magnus Olesen and the mission is to create high quality and sustainable design furniture. The company has its production in Durup, Denmark and showrooms placed in beautiful surroundings in Copenhagen and Stockholm. This year classics from the Archive will be shown, together with an inspiring exhibition with new designs.
Magnus Olesen
You want a space of your own, a place for your thoughts, your ideas and your words. LINTEX manufactures writing boards for schools and offices but bring to this a stringency and subtlety like a well-developed fashion line. They add style and design expertise in a world in which aesthetics have, for years, taken a back seat. Whiteboards, office screens and sound absorbers have been the anonymous carthorses of schools and conference premises. LINTEX have changed all that, aiming to surprise and challenge the image of what a writing board can be.
Viabizzuno draws together passion, tradition, expertise, experience, innovation and research in order to fully express its way of making light. Viabizzuno's strength relies on working toward a customized design, finding solutions that did not exist before, integrating light with architecture and so creating a recognizable image all over the world thanks to its formal and thinking integrity at the same time. Viabizzuno becomes a philosophy of life, a thought to follow by architects and designers in the world, an image in which to identify oneself, a style.
Naver Collection create new impressions in wood. They dare to challenge Themselves with new shapes and innovative materials that create contrast and complements the wood. The team continuously develop new designs according to form and fashion; terms such as quality of life, function and ergonomics are always integrated in these designs. Naver Collection is created for the modern consumer who is aware of quality and good design, and wants to express this in a personal, unique style of living.

The Naver Collection is produced in Denmark by Gramrode Møbelfabrik A/S and Aksel Kjersgaard A/S. Every piece of furniture is produced by cabinetmakers who knows that the detail makes the difference!

„We take pride in every detail.”
Naver Collection

Hempel Glasmuseum

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